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    I rarely highlight individual beauty products or brands, there are just too many good ones on the market and I’m always rotating, so it takes a really special for me to want to commit long term. Now if you don’t already know the Christophe Robin brand, are you really a beauty junkie? The celebrity colourist focuses on ancestral ingredients, like argan oil, rose and prickly pear oil in his luxury range. He’s all about bringing out the natural beauty of hair and maintaining its health. Robin has also been attributed to the much coveted and always timeless ‘French girl hair’, which translated basically means: so well taken care of and groomed that the final look is effortless. The first product I tried from Christophe Robin was the Shade Variation mask that effectively treated by bleached hair by toning its brassiness. From then on I was just waiting for an excuse to purchase something else.

    And that something else just so happened to be a winner. We’re here about the Cleansing Purifying Scrub with sea salt, my life-changing shampoo, the best scalp cleansing treatment ever. I’ve wanted to write about this from the first time I tried it, months ago. Since then I’ve been using it once every two weeks to maintain that truly clean feeling that the exfoliation brings. The best times? After a flight and when you’ve got three days old dirty hair full of dry shampoo and you’ve been commuting on the tube.If you haven’t been in that situation before, be grateful and I want your life. Oh and if you’re travelling somewhere hot and humid, bring a little with you in a small container because I was craving this treatment when I was on holiday.

    The sea salt treatment is kind of like a body polish but it’s meant to detox oily scalps. A little in the palm of your hand goes a long way and the lather is the thickest and most velvety I’ve ever experienced, which kind of justifies the £42 price tag. And in case you’re wondering, no it is not sponsored or gifted. Yes, I really paid that much for a shampoo and I would do it again.

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    28th February 2018
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