Okay so listen up, what do you know about acid peels? From my history of acne, that word has always been associated with last ditch attempts to be rid of scarring and uneven texture but it’s so much more than that. Oh, then there’s that word acid. That used to freak me out. But the ones that are used at Dr Rabia Malik’s clinic based at Grace Belgravia are formulated with self-neutralising lactic and malic acids, which are also found in fruits. This means that there’s no way they could burn you, they are naturally occurring and you can even smell the sweetness. Impressively Dr Rabia is also the founder of her own brand The Peel Boutique, where she’s personally trained her therapists to use professional but lighter lactic acid based products. And not that it matters particularly, but there’s something to be said about trusting a cosmetic doctor that looks as young as you but hasn’t had any work done.

how to glow without makeup, the ultimate exfoliating treatment

how to glow without makeup, the ultimate exfoliating treatment

These meso-peels are one of the signature rejuvenating procedures at Dr Rabia’s clinic and here’s the big plus point, they only require one to two appointments over the course of the year (priced at about £350-500) to maintain a natural glow and healthy skin cell turnover.

As I had undergone PRP just two weeks before, I explained to Dr Rabia that even though my ongoing concerns was always going to be sun damage, prevention of fine lines and wrinkles and skin refinement, I couldn’t really see what else I needed to improve about my complexion. I was finally at that stage where I could wear minimal makeup and be proud that all the pain and regimental skincare routines had paid off. A consultation with her was much different to any other I’ve had – she wanted to know everything about my lifestyle from how much I drink a week to how often I go to the loo. After deciding that my face had already undergone quite a lot in the recent months, we opted for the meso-lite, a gentler acid peel.

how to glow without makeup, the ultimate exfoliating treatment

how to glow without makeup, the ultimate exfoliating treatment

The whole process was pretty quick and simple. After having my face cleansed, the mixture was applied over my face and a dermaroller with needles of 0.55mm was used to help the formula penetrate the epidermis. And you may have guessed but yes, I was bright red and it burned but compared to a laser this was brief and tolerable.

After the treatment, I was told that downtime would be able a week or so, where my skin would feel quite dry as the dead cells were being sloughed off. I rarely use acid as an exfoliator and my skin wasn’t used to this. During the next seven days, as my new skin cells were coming through, small little bumps that resembled light pimples appeared across my cheeks.

how to glow without makeup, the ultimate exfoliating treatment

It was nothing that I couldn’t cover up with makeup so I put it to the back of my mind.

Then came the day that those spots disappeared and as I was doing my morning routine and dabbing on a little concealer and foundation… I realised that the makeup made almost no difference at all. My skin was literally radiant. Like, I wish I could tell you this was an exaggeration because it just seems so simple – get a peel done and you’re glowing – but it’s true. However, this kind of effective skin treatment is an investment. Dr Rabia recognised this long ago and it formed part of the inspiration for The Peel Boutique, where some treatments are as little as under £100 –  basically the price of that expensive exfoliator you had your eye on, but better. Like, way better.


So now you’ve got exfoliation down, check out my favourite luxury cleansers that I’ve been using.

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