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    Hero image: Patch Ficus Lyrata plant £50-170 | Attpynta pink plate with 24 carat gold £34| Smug card £3.50


    Grab a mug, it’s about to get cozy in here…

    I’ve long been obsessed with homeware – from my fascination with skull objects and repurposing Hendricks gin bottles as vases back at university to my penchant for plates today. Perusing these online homeware shops on a Saturday morning is one of my favourite adult things to do. I live in my parents’ house, so I know that it’s tricky to make a space feel like your own, even if you’re living with flatmates or you find yourself always on the move. This is an edit of my favourite affordable homeware boutiques to personalise a living space.


    coffee time, make your interiors look expensive, the best homeware stores feature on The Haute Heel by Andrea Cheong

    1. Comme Home The Connoisseur’s Gift Set $89 SGD | 2. Bliss Home marble effect mug £7 | 3. Attpynta brushed brass tray £20 | 4. ENDEceramics black porcelain cups £41 |  5. Comme Home large green marble tray $109 | 6. Bloomingville Ella stoneware mug £8.95 | 7. Hay large gold tray £16 also available here


    I’ve been lusting after some marble trays for the longest time but held back for a while on account of them being so prolific on Instagram (I’d rather not live in a real life feed, thanks). Then I spotted this green marble range from an online decor shop by the name of Comme Home from Singapore. The colour and range is so tasteful and elegant that I have my eye on it as the centrepiece of an understated bathroom feature. In layman terms – I need this to organise all of my skincare because they’ve started spilling out of my shelves and drawers.

    As for these gold trays, bringing a little metallic accent into my living room wouldn’t hurt. I’ve found two affordable options that I really like from Attpynta and Hay (via the e-retailer Trouva). If you’ve ever seen a glimpse of my home on Instagram, it’s incredibly bare and mostly white and traditional, from the wood floors to the sofas. Trays are the closest I’ll ever get to tidying and my preferred use for them is to display my collection of candles. They also look great in a flatlay, just saying.

    And then there are the mugs… if there’s anything in the home that’s more comforting than a vessel of hot tea, I’d like to know about it. It’s also one of the few things you can intentionally mismatch. I’m so obsessed with ENDEceramics’s handmade mugs. Even though I hadn’t realised how tiny they are when I made my first purchase (around the size of a small coffee cup), they’re a gorgeous investment piece and perfect for gifts.


    coffee time, make your interiors look expensive, the best homeware stores feature on The Haute Heel by Andrea Cheong

    8. Little Deer extra large brass rim mirror £48 | 9. Sasha Tugolukova fine bone china Harry plate £40 | 10. Smug white enamelware bowl and plate £15 | 11. Smug Jeeves Sandwich Plate £27.50 | 12. Sasha Tugolukova fine bone china Philip plate £40



    I’m a big foodie and although my plating skills have left a lot to be desired, having an aesthetically pleasing set up at dinner brightens my mood. Am I too extra? Maybe, but it works for me and it’s cheaper than therapy. However, for almost a year, I’d buy really beautiful plates and refuse to eat off them. Sasha Tugolukova’s designs are one of them – incredibly delicate and intricate, her mesmerising designs are drawn by hand.

    Recently, while wandering around Camden Passage, I came across this sweet pastel themed shop called Smug. It’s filled with swoon-worthy items like cacti, guinea pig print tea towels and an enviable collection of enamelware. This abstract print really stood out to me, as did their ceramic sandwich plate. Although they have an online shop, I’d really recommend visiting them in-store for the full vibe (there’s also a very hipster looking coffee shop downstairs).

    Okay so you may be wondering, why is there a random mirror here. Reflective surfaces really open up a room, especially if you’re living in student accommodation or like to squirrel yourself away for hours of languid solitude, like I do. This price point makes it a good alternative to a wide hallway mirror, something to put on your console to check your makeup before heading out, and it’s still small enough to take along if you plan to move house. The latter is something important and practical I learnt while I was at university, you know, aside from art history.

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