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    From top left to bottom right: 111SKINCelestial Black Diamond Retinol Oil £150 | Drakes silk jacquard tie £125 | Nike Grand Stand II leather sneakers £70 | Saint Laurent bill fold wallet £230 | Canali linen shirt £165 | 8 t-shirt £40| Bigi linen scarf via Trunk | Lanvin gold plated round dent cufflinks £130| Leica SOFORT instant camera £250 | Maison Kitsuné appliquéd mélange Merino wool sweater £210 


    Personally, when it comes to gifts for my significant other, I’m way more into experiences. For our first anniversary, I booked a swim with the sharks in an aquarium tank and it’s still such a memorable topic we reminisce about. Mostly because I couldn’t tell who was the instructor and who was my boyfriend under the mask, wet suit and through my anxiety that I would run out of oxygen. But that’s a story for another time. Now that I get to see my boyfriend a little more often (we’ve been doing long distance for the last five years!) I like to treat him to gifts too. For this Valentine’s Day gift guide for him under £250 I’ve shortlisted some items I’ve personally had my eye on. And if you’ve ever read any of my previous gift edits, you’ll know that whilst I like things pretty, they also have to be practical. Don’t get me wrong, joke presents are great but probably too personal to be putting on a gift guide!


    Notes on the edit

    White sneakers are always going to be in style and if you’re a little cautious about spending £350 on the Common Projects ones, I’ve found a great retro alternative from Nike that doesn’t break the bank. Alternatively, if you’re celebrating a milestone or just feeling a fancy, the Saint Laurent wallet is a great price and is sure to excite. Not many people know this but I’m actually really into menswear and tailoring. I love Trunk clothiers in Marylebone, a boutique that stocks tasteful and pared back brands such as Bigi, who makes the beautiful chocolate brown linen scarf. Then there’s Drake’s who’s known for their ties and even do custom ones. Their candy pink tie really stood out to me, it would look great against a navy suit. Canali is known for their shirts and this lightweight classic piece is so versatile and perfect for spring/summer.






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    31st January 2018
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