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    When it comes to jewellery, I love all styles from glamourous and statement to minimalistic and chic. But playing with the Ranelagh and Salisbury from Lowndes London, I uncovered a softer side to luxury jewellery. From my peaceful countryside jaunt to Hurley House earlier this December, to hosting a Christmas party at my home this week, I’ve had multiple occasions to accessorise and play a different role with each of the collections. It’s also such a luxury to having the time to pick out the perfect ring or necklace to complement an outfit, a value that we often leave behind in the mad bustle of the Christmas season. I’m here to reclaim that beauty of getting ready, of dressing up and looking forward to a day of activity or a night ahead, with the knowledge that you’re perfectly put together.

    Never without your perfect accompaniment, a reassuring piece of jewellery you can reach for and twiddle between your fingers, during a stomach-fluttering moment of eye contact (otherwise known to Londoners as an absolute nightmare, particularly on the tube). Jokes aside, I’ve always focused on creating images that are different. During the festivities, I’ve questioned whether or not I should be parading around Bond Street in far too few layers just for that snap. But when I look at the editorial work I’ve created for a brand like Lowndes, I can’t help but think that this is most genuine to me.

    This is what matters to me this season – wearing what makes me feel most comfortable while I’m spending my time with the people that I care most about. And isn’t that what celebrating is really about?

    wearing the Ranelagh necklace and earrings in gold

    How I styled Lowndes London

    Often people tell me that they dress according to their mood. Hanging out and living in London is kind of the same thing – I find myself dressing up or down wherever I am. The West is all about looking effortless even though you’re running errands all day. North London, where I grew up, is really about relaxing and meeting friends. For me, the Salisbury collection is all about that everyday luxury, ideal for all occasions. What I’ve admired most is the delicate details, from the clasp to the logo sketched in the inner corner of each curve. It’s a secret beauty only its wearer knows about.

    I styled this collection with a lace maxi dress, to give some strength and edginess to a feminine outfit. I love the idea of wearing two identical bracelets on each arm. Even when I go minimalist, it’s still about accessorising as much as I can.

    Lowndes London luxury jewellery, styled by Andrea Cheong on The Haute Heel



    Lowndes London Andrea Cheong

    wearing the Salisbury rose gold plated ring

    Lowndes London Andrea Cheong

    Lowndes London Andrea Cheong

    wearing the Salisbury collar and bangles in plated silver 


    Lowndes London Andrea Cheong

    How do you like to accessorise your party outfits this season? Drop me a comment on Instagram, I’d love to hear from you!

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    20th December 2017
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