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    Okay, so in my first vlog ever you got to see my skin lasered off at The Wellness Clinic, which hurts as much as it sounds. The procedure took around 45 minutes to an hour and left me sore, bright red and truly, truly hideous. But one week later, I can honestly say, what pores? These are the products I use and treatments I undergo to refine my skin texture with long lasting results (and minimal upkeep!).

    Get a head start

    I was trying all kinds of products, from exfoliators to masks, but they only did so much. Some products on the market only give you 24 hour results by drawing water to the surface of your skin, giving the appearance of smaller pores. But this doesn’t actually solve the problem.

    I’ve been seeing Renee at The Wellness Clinic at Harrods and this month my main concern was addressing the little moon craters across my nose and cheeks. I underwent a treatment called Resurfx, which involves a laser that attracts plump water-filled cells to the surface of the skin. The procedure resurfaces evenly, due to the difference in cell shape that make up the pigmented areas and uneven texture. And unlike the ultrasound facelift, this really hurts. Like, I cried. And post-treatment, my complexion was red and burning. To combat this, Renee slathered on the aloe vera and recommended Dr Maryam Zamani’s MZ Skin Rest and Revive serum for aftercare. In total, the downtime involved 3-5 hours for me and a lot of awkward stares on the tube.


    The results

    After three days of sticking to a gentle skincare routine, I decided to use the Sand and Sky pink clay mask and that’s when I really started to notice the difference. In the past, this product had results that only really lasted one to two days, which made it ideal for prepping my skin before a shoot. However, the Resurfx treatment combined with this mask made the results even more prominent and I’ve been able to maintain my minimised pores for weeks since, with just my usual regimen.


    Preventative measures

    In the first video I did about The Wellness Clinic, I talked about how refinement is so difficult because the skin hardens in an attempt to protect the skin from harmful entrants, resulting in visible pores. People that suffer from an oily complexion (me, with both hands up) experience this problem much more frequently than other skin types because of overactive sebum production.

    I was recommended two products that have really worked for me. The first are zinc tablets, readily available on Amazon. The mineral has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have helped to regulate the amount of oil my skin produces. The effects really kick in around two weeks after taking two tablets daily.

    The second is Universkin, a bespoke dermatology grade product that I was prescribed by The Wellness Clinic. Watch the three minute video below for more on how it works.


    Four weeks on…

    It’s been over a month since the laser resurfacing treatment and without crazy exfoliation, pore strips or slathering silicon primers all over my face, I still have the refined epidermis I’ve been after. The recommended course of treatment for forever perfect pores means that I’m due for another hour of heavy breathing and tears. But in the pursuit of immortal skin, what won’t I do?

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    18th December 2017
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