Christmas at Centre:mk

    They had me at glitter. I wish that my love for it was the most basic thing about me but it isn’t. Arguably, it’s actually my cheesy adoration for Christmas that has people rolling their eyes. But I mean, there’s just one chance a year to really get into it! And sure, you can do the rounds of the ice rinks, peruse the wreath laden exteriors of the Bond Street boutiques and admire the trinkets at the seasonal pop-ups at the department stores… but having spent so many Christmasses in London, it was time for something fresh.



    Centre:MK is a huge (a mile long from one end to the other!) shopping mall that really knows how to get shoppers into the festive mood, while getting in a good workout. From a Santa’s Grotto to fun fair rides and a mini train at their very own Winter Wonderland, it was a notable relief from the hoards of tourists in Hyde Park. Also, signficantly warmer. Oh, and they also had Go Get Glitter, an Insta-famous festival regular known for body art, to host a complimentary pop-up on the weekend that I visited. Next weekend (8-9th December) Bleach London, the hair salon popular for crazy colours and Selena Gomez’s hair stylist Lottie Tomlinson, will be scheduled to create ‘HAiRMOJis’. Like, who wouldn’t want a peach embroidered into their locks? It was such a fun idea to let loose and try out potential party looks – but maybe not that particular emoji – for Christmas at Centre:mk.

    For my #OwnFrostive look, I began with a gold glitter lip which is something I’ve always wanted to try for a shoot. But then seeing all the crazy options that was available, my inner eight year old emerged and I actually returned to the booth five minutes later and said, “I need more“. The other girls went for slightly subtler but stunning options – Kavita from She Wears Fashion opted for a beautiful holographic hot pink glitter eyeshadow that is surprisingly wearable, and Mpho had an edgy silver highlight on one side of her cheek. I convinced my photographer and friend Hollie to just have half her pixie cropped hair slathered in glitter. Because why not?

    Get the look: As for the photos I produced for the collaboration with Centre:mk, Hollie and I found a bush with pretty pink flowers outside and stuck the blooms in my hair. That’s how you get to look like real life Snapchat filter (a statement courtesty of some very kind compliments I got in my DM inbox)!

    Go Get Glitter pop-up #OwnFrostive Christmas at Centre:mk

    #OwnFrostive Christmas at Centre:mk

    #OwnFrostive Christmas at Centre:mk

    Andrea Cheong's look, #OwnFrostive Christmas at Centre:mk

    Andrea Cheong's look, #OwnFrostive Christmas at Centre:mk

    Getting there and back

    Okay, onto the practical part of the post.

    I am a massive homebody. I need to be near my Brita filter and extensive collection of candles. Even when it comes to hang out spots in the city, I’m pretty selective. Centre:mk is located in Milton Keynes but from Euston, it’s just a 30 minute train journey away. From there it’s walking distance from the destination station itself (or five minutes in a cab). Even for a granny in a 25 year old’s body, this was such an easy trip to make, where I met some lovely, down to earth girls and was offered more prosecco than I could drink from our hilarious PR contact. And even without all of the perks and great company, it had me wondering why more Londoners don’t explore alternative places to get their holiday cheer?


    Andrea Cheong's look, #OwnFrostive at Centre:mk in Milton Keynes, Christmas campaign 2017



    4 Silbury Arcade,

    Central Milton Keynes,

    MK9 3ES



    *post sponsored by Centre:mk



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