If you’re an old school skincare fan, the type that has a hard core love for Creme De La Mer, the cocaine of moisturiser, then Lixir probably hasn’t even been on your radar. Unashamedly millennial, the newly launched brand from London offers something refreshing to the beauty scene: simplicity. But this isn’t another cutesy fad. The brains behind the brand is Doctor Colette Haydon, who like many others started off creating effective formulas for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Universal Emulsion by Lixir made in London, skincare for millennials review by Andrea Cheong, for The Haute Heel

Vitamin C Paste by Lixir made in London, skincare for millennials review by Andrea Cheong, for The Haute Heel

Let’s begin with the Universal Emulsion (£45 for 100ml/£29 for 50ml), it’s straight to the point and multi-purpose, containing serum, night cream and day cream in one. And impressively, SPF without actually adding pore-clogging sunscreen. I was intrigued. Although, I have a thing about serum, if I don’t use a good quality one before my morning and evening moisturiser, I will produce more oil than a chicken nugget. Universal Emulsion absorbs quickly and leaves a feeling of ‘sealed’ skin and is more than sufficient in properly prepping and hydrating my face. I love that it can be used around the eye area and on the lips – it’s far more effective in moisturising my peeling pout than any lip balm I’ve tried.

I’d recommend this for travelling, it comes in 50ml measures and it contains three essential products in one and does it well. What more could you ask for? I loved it so much that I went to Liberty and bought its sister, the Vitamin C Paste.

It seems that people are a lot more excited about the minute-mask than any of the other treatments from Lixir. Containing 10% L Absorbic Acid, it claims to oxidise sebum and pollutants on the skin and rinses off to leave a glowing complexion. And you know what, it actually does. However, it’s recommended for use in the morning when you’re going for a natural look and just want your skin to shine through. I’m giving this a good test run to see if it’ll work effectively along side my Resurfx appointments at The Wellness Clinic that focuses on improving skin texture and firmness (wooo, collagen!).

Out of all the new brands I’ve trialled this year, these adorable pink tubes from newbie Lixir have renewed my faith in emerging cult brands and I’ll be looking forward to testing out the rest of their range.