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    It’s pretty rare to get one on one time with an editor of a major international publication. Sure, as Alex Engler, Assistant Beauty and Health Editor from Marie Claire US says, “we’re not that special!” but they’re also quite hard to pin down, if you’re not in the industry. In London for the magazine’s annual Global Beauty Roadshow, I was asked along for an interview and a shoot to chat all things hair, beauty and style. But with beachy hair and a bone structure that only multiple ultrasound treatments could achieve on me, what was on my mind were the top tips from a beauty editor who travels as much as Alex.


    What are the products you can’t travel without?

    Ouai Wave Spray, I have naturally curly hair that freaks out when I travel. The water is always different and you have to use those horrible little hotel shampoos. I feel like after I blow dry and spritz that I get some semblance of texture back. The second thing I would travel with is my Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation that doubles up as a concealer. I love it as I don’t have to worry about the liquid situation at TSA and you can wear it as full-face [coverage], use it for touch-ups – everything about it is amazing!


    Were you always into beauty before you became an Editor?

    I was always into skincare because I had acne growing up and I feel like anyone who’s [had that] are naturally skincare gurus. Hair has been a learning process, growing up I’d wear it back or in a bun. Makeup is something I don’t want to wear a ton of everyday but when I do wear it I love to have a really bright eyeshadow or a bold eyeliner, or a really gorgeous red lip. It’s something I view as really fun, so why not play with it?


    What’s the hardest thing about your job and what advice would you give?

    That’s a really hard question as I really do enjoy my job but the market work requires a lot of events around town. It’s one of the best parts of my job but it’s also very tiring and the commute is terrible. Often you’re stuck on the subway and you’re like panicking, trying to answer emails underground and it won’t go through. If I could just not commute I would be the happiest person in the world!

    If you’re interested in being a beauty editor or in the industry, I would say it’s such an expanding market right now, there’s so much opportunity and its definitely the place to be. What is amazing is the people in it are so nice, the market people, editors, bloggers, dermatologists and makeup artists that I work with are so lovely and thoughtful and look out for other people. Just emulate that – be kind, open and generous with your time.


    That’s such a good message to takeaway, I feel like a lot of people think that being competitive is the way to go.

    When I first started in magazines, I thought you were supposed to be competitive, catty and cut-throat like you see on Devil Wears Prada. That’s not to say that it’s an easy job [but] at the same time people are honestly really nice and like each other.


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    3rd November 2017
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