By now everyone’s heard of Byredo, the minimalist luxury fragrance brand that’s invaded our Instagram feeds with their madly photogenic packaging. It’s revered by beauty fanatics and the unisex factor gives it that sexy edge that commercial brands so lust after. But which of their signature products is worth the money? These are my top 5 picks of what to buy from Byredo and a little suggestion on what to avoid:

    Velvet Haze

    It’s one of their newest fragrances launched this year and has notes of patchouli and coconut water. It’s exotic but intensely smooth, making it well suited to its name.

    Rose of No Man’s Land

    My go-to fragrance that lasts the entire day and seems to suit any mood. None of Byredo’s scents are overly sweet, which is what I love and even though this is definitely for rose lovers, there’s a slight musky sensuality to it that means I never get sick of it.


    The history of Liberty is based on its role in colonial trade, where the retail store exhibited wares from the far reaches of the British Empire – including people (true story I studied this in Art History). Helotropia focuses on Liberty’s past, bringing in a sense of exoticism reminiscent of Eastern bazaars. It’s one for the die-hard fans because it’s exclusive to this location and it’s one of their best scents. Even if it is based on Orientalism.


    I love Burning Rose and am I biased? Maybe. But seriously this candle is the slightly masculine version of Rose of No Man’s Land. It evokes that ever so slightly dark and mysterious mood with an universally pleasing floral scent. Loveless is also a winner, with mandarin, cedarwood and tuberose as the main notes that really come through, it’s perfect for lovers of all things woody and green.


    And what to skip…

    A fairly recent new offering from Byredo is their selection of perfume kabuki brushes (£42), made for throwing into handbags to touch-up during the day. I would give this a hard miss. Dispensing this product involves a cloud of powder and it leaves virtually no scent at all.

    I also sampled Byredo’s perfume extracts, which are the opposite of their brushes. Made for a permanent place on a lady’s dressing table, the oils come in delicate 30ml measures in an onyx vessel. Retailing at £340, they’re the epitome of luxury fragrance. But are they worth it?

    Often advancements in cosmetics (alcohol) can really take a traditional product (fragrant oil) to the next level. The range of extrait de parfum has limited staying power and aren’t transportable due to a simple stopper for the bottle. However, if you’re still enamored by this go for Casablanca Lily, which is a beautiful feminine scent. La Botte was an aggressive olfactory experience that only improved after a good 30 minutes. When I applied this I smelt like a toxic romance – of tobacco laden ash trays and leather which sadly dominated the sweet jasmine notes. Emphasis on the ash trays.




    @sofieuh Byredo expert on Instagram, top products to buy from cult beauty brand


    Check out one of my favourite cult beauty accounts on Instagram, @sofieuh for real inspo and recommendations on Byredo products.

    Have you bought any products from Byredo? Which ones are your favourite? Feel free to drop me an email or a comment on Instagram to continue our conversation.

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    23rd October 2017
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