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        This came as an accident while I was going through old content. The goal was to SEO optimise the 200+ posts I have, where some boast as many as 100 comments. Blogging was a completely different game in 2012, when it was done for the love of photography, styling and writing and things were relatively simple once you got past basic HTML. On this laborious journey, I realised that I lost a ton of my photos from when I had been using Photobucket to host them and decided that I wasn’t just going to bin a handful of pictures and awkward text – I was going to make this even more awkward throwback to my fashion in 2012.
        So here are is a compilation of my five looks from my archive, from summer into winter, and my thoughts about them now (and a shocking realisation that I was obsessed with plaid):

        1. The Madras Plaid Parade



        Then: I don’t usually mix patterns together but the concept of madras itself insists on a Crayola combination; a wonderful mess of pink, blue, red and yellow lines that somehow harmonise to produce a feast of rainbow hues. I kept the rest of the colours simple, blue white and red for the cardigan and accessorised my Prada shoes with preppy socks.
        Thoughts now: I don’t know about you but I’m still kind of feeling this look? I was also reading a lot of Fitzgerald and my language was overly floral.






        2. DIY skirt into top



        Then: (this post was mainly just pictures).

        Now: I’m looking back at these posts and really, all I can think is ‘your lips were so much fuller then and you were way skinnier’. I remember I had bought this pleated skirt with a print of 1920’s flapper girls on it and repurposed it into a top, thinking I’d get more wear out of it. Obviously, I didn’t, because look at it.





        3. Fall For Plaid

        Ralph Lauren plaid shirt

        Then: I had been looking for a knitted skirt and a new plaid shirt for the longest time and finally being able to wear both together made me feel completely ready for fall. My favourite part of this shirt is the suede shoulder patch that gives it a sporty, masculine edge. I am holding my sequin clutch yet again because I just haven’t thought to transfer my essentials into anything else, and it seems to brighten up any casual outfit. My best friend took these photos for me at the Chelsea College of Art that was right beside the Tate Britain. We spent the day having lunch in Pimlico before going to the Pre- Raphaelite exhibition.


        Now: I think I was way more cultured back then. And I must have really liked plaid.

        4. My everyday uni look

        Then: As it is getting colder, I like to layer up with the usual winter accessories, a soft scarf in a classic burgundy colour, cashmere cardigan and a wax-coated jacket. I never usually wear hats but this beanie is growing on me. My transparent clutch is from the Opening Ceremony store on King Street which is such a fun place to browse really eclectic, artsy pieces in very unique textile.


        Now: As if I’d pair a transparent clutch with a jacket like that!! Error! Funnily enough, it was because of my strange ‘everyday university’ outfits that The Tab interviewed me (don’t judge my answers, they’re so awkward).


        5. Baby It’s Cold Outside



        These photos were shot at Somerset House when the pavements were blistered with ice and the stone buildings glistened in the paling daylight. I love the architecture around this area it is so great and imposing and serves as a great frame to the pretty ice rink, it is one of the nicest places to be around Christmas time.

        My photographer, Mary and I chose to shoot this at Somerset House, conveniently located near where we both live. The dress I am wearing is an old season from Rugby Ralph Lauren. I love how it is made, with lining and a structured bodice, which is really hard to find in dresses on the high street. I accessorised with a jewelled belt and a crystal brooch from Marni.


        Damn, I really liked plaid. I’m also really sad to have lost these photos, this was one of my favourite outfits that Christmas.


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        6th September 2017
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