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        As you may know from numerous posts in the past, I hate fashion week. And I don’t hide it either. Let me specify what I dislike so much: the pretence, the hankering and intruding desire for approval (from what or whom though?) and of course, the peacocking. If you need proof that I’m not just a cynic, when I was 18 I was like, drunk going into that hangover phase and I had a swollen ankle that was grazed and bruises all over my legs. This was when I was fun, you have to remember that was in the past. Anyway, as I was heading into the Julien Macdonald show at Somerset House, I was papped by a few street style photographers. You must also realise that I hadn’t started my blog yet and even if I had, the whole idea of a blogger attending a fashion show was a bit closer to fantasy than the norm. But instead of being flattered a harsh reality hit me like an alarm clock accidentally set at 6am on a weekend. This whole thing is a farce.

        However, fast forward seven years, as a blogger in the fashion industry it’s near impossible to not let LFW have an impact on you. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them join them – here’s my tip to enjoy yourself: just do what makes you happy. With that, here’s what I got up to during Fashion Week in London when I decided to do my own thing and skip the parties and the shows…

        Club Monaco X Andrea Cheong


        Club Monaco A/W event fashion week hosted by Andrea Cheong of lifestyle blog The Haute Heel

        One of the highlights of my blogging career so far has to be hosting the Club Monaco event to bridge NYFW and LFW. The see-now-buy-now collection (becoming an increasingly popular trend for high end brands), hit the stores on the Thursday evening, featuring delicate ruffles, polka dots and classic tailoring. Not to mention lots of coats. As a lifestyle brand, Club Monaco is extremely wearable and has pieces that would suit everyone, regardless of their style. That’s something that was truly realised when my blogger friends attended, all of whom have different aesthetics, yet everyone found pieces in the store that they absolutely loved.

        Club Monaco A/W event fashion week hosted by Andrea Cheong of lifestyle blog The Haute Heel



        Aspinal of London


        Did you see Dunkirk, like the movie? Because this actor from there was at the Aspinal press day and I was like, “oh it’s that dude that played the French guy and drowned”, and everyone looked at me like I was mad. So the moral of the story is, I am still right, you can’t be yourself at fashion events you have to pretend all you do is watch The Devil Wears Prada every night, champagne is your main source of nutrition and you pray to Vogue.

        The event itself however, was like the secret cool kids party housed in the archaic but always elegant, Claridge’s. Paparazzi and street style photographers lined the street, as did a vintage motor with Aspinal’s logo across it’s blue exterior, which marked Brook Street as the place to be that afternoon. Champagne high tea and the most adorable hat boxes, anyone?

        The presentation mimicked the days where travel by train was glamorous and the inspiration for many mystery and romance stories, with screens of moving landscapes and porters in uniform. The A/W collection is in collaboration with the remake of the Poirot crime movie Murder on the Orient Express, featuring some Hollywood favourites like Daisy Ridley, Penelope Cruz and Judi Dench.

        Aspinal of London press day London Fashion Week party A/W collection

        Aspinal of London press day London Fashion Week party A/W collection


        Have you ever been tempted to give Fashion Week a miss? I’d love to hear from you, drop me an email or DM via Instagram.

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        21st September 2017
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