I feel like calling this a ‘luxury transition accessories’ post would be a joke, considering that the weather in London for the last three months has been a permanent tie-over to autumn. The UK literally could not wait to get all of us back into scarves and wooly jumpers. When it comes to transitioning, most of us have the usual trends down, especially when it comes to updating our denim wardrobe (mine is like, non-existent because it makes me look way too approachable) and picking out the super chic coat we are going to drape over our shoulders until it gets really cold and we have to switch to more sensible options.

I’m sure you have too but I’ve noticed that there’s quite a lot of pressure on social media to own the latest ‘It’ items and don expensive accessories. Some of us even believe that doing so helps us with engagement and growth. And I’m in a strange position – I’m tagged as ‘luxury’ but I’ve never done a flatlay with the latest £3,000 bag. However, I prefer fewer but slightly more expensive pieces of clothing than a large wardrobe full of high street fashion. With that in mind, I put together a little post on the three investment pieces for fall under £500, to convince you that luxury is worth investing in and why it will do more than tide you over for autumn.

  1. The Gucci Belt

    Gucci belt with pearls investment piece under £500 the haute heel blog luxury lifestyle by Andrea Cheong

Are you rolling your eyes? Because I did when just about every Instagrammer started wearing these months ago (don’t get me wrong, I obviously love the style). And since I was so late to the game, I thought to myself ‘Andrea, let it go there are plenty of other things, like sushi, on which to spend your money’. However, when the opportunity came to have this with pearls, it was a total game-changer. Luxury isn’t about having the same designer items as everyone else but finding that exclusive piece that compliments your style perfectly.

Haute tip – have a cobbler punch extra holes in the belt so you can wear it around your waist as well as your hips. This is often a free service and will get you a lot more wear when you can use it to turn maxi skirts into cute strapless dresses.

Shop the belt here via Farfetch, for £400

2. Gucci loafers

pink Gucci loafers, investment piece under £500 the haute heel blog luxury lifestyle by Andrea Cheong

Gucci belt with pearls, Gucci loafers and Furla AW17 bag, investment piece under £500 the haute heel blog luxury lifestyle by Andrea Cheong

How predictable could I be? But to be honest, you saw the header image so it’s not like you were expecting much else. These loafers have been the shoe of the season, every season, for the last year. It’s not hard to see why, they’re a total classic and it just took one runway and a handful of fashionistas to propel it to the status it’s at now. I’m still not a fan of the shearling lined ones but getting my greedy hands on these millennial pink loafers and timeless black pair are the best investment for my wardrobe’s transition to fall.

Haute tip – get the leather soles rubberised for when it rains to protect the longevity of the shoe and prevent accidents. Pair it with quirky socks when it gets cold (but no more fishnets, please).


Shop the black ones here and pink ones here via Net-A-Porter and Gucci, for £450


3. Furla Metropolis shoulder bag

Gucci belt with pearls, Gucci loafers and Furla AW17 bag, investment pieces for fall for under £500 by Andrea Cheong the haute heel luxury fashion blog

When it comes to bags I’m forever choosing pieces that will never get old, from pastels to a lot of black staples for everyday and white rattan pieces for the summer. Full disclosure: I didn’t have a ‘real job’ for like the last two years, so I never knew when I’d be able to afford a real investment piece. When I did have the means to shop, I always opted for something sensible. And to be honest, my whole broke-bitch attitude to luxury has gotten me really far in personal style, there’s not one bag in my collection that I look at and think, ‘what the fuck’.

This Metropolis bag is a luxury transition accessory that makes enough of a statement to elevate a simple outfit. Plus, it’s monochrome so goes with everything and it’s between small and medium-sized, taking you from day time coffee to drinks at night. It’s more than a transitional accessory, it’s a trusty go-to piece for when you want to treat yourself but your bank balance is feeling a little delicate.

Haute tip – If you’re into customisation, weave a scarf or ribbon around the straps to give it more of a personalised touch. Alternatively, grab yourself some gold leather monogram stickers for tasteful patch-ing (and prevent people from ‘borrowing’ your bag!).


Shop the striped bag here via Furla, for £350