I’ve always wondered, if a beauty brand is known for that one cult product, is trying out something else setting myself up for disappointment? I try out three French sunscreens from well-loved brands I’ve used before, to see if they stand up to the rest of their offerings and how they fare alone.


Nuxe Sun Delicious Cream For Face

We all know Nuxe as that brand with the gold shimmery dry oil, the perfect booster to our dry skin and hair, especially during the summer. I’m a big advocate of their lip balms, deodorant, hand cream – I own almost every other basic grooming product that they make. There’s just that allure to simple French apothecary brands, even after they’ve gone global.

The Melting Cream High Protection sunscreen has a surprisingly thin texture at a very high factor of 50. It takes a little longer than my usual sunscreen to absorb into my skin, meaning that after my layer of moisturiser, there’s a still a few seconds of drying time before makeup application. The major upside is that it’s so weightless, it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing sunscreen. Oh, and neither does it meddle with the durability of foundation or concealer, despite its silkiness.

Retails for £17 at


Sisley Soin Solaire Facial Sun Care

I experienced the Black Rose moisturiser and a mini facial at Selfridges as my first engagement with Sisley. And I’m no stranger to high-price tag skincare, I used to be incredibly misinformed and thought that if it was expensive, it meant that it had to be good (or at least you’d hope so, right?). And I mean, from experience I wasn’t totally wrong because luxury skincare brands like Sisley don’t disappoint those high expectations that go along with their name.

Presented in a painfully chic tube, the packaging does not fall short of its price tag. The sunscreen itself is ‘medium’ in consistency – not as runny as Nuxe but not as thick as Avene, and only a little squeeze is necessary to cover the whole visage. When applying, the botanical aroma is far more apparent than that typical sunblock scent, making this feel like a firm part of the skincare routine rather than another tedious yet necessary step. The product leaves a strikingly dewy sheen, perfect for those no makeup days where a little shine helps with that healthy youthful look. I’d recommend this as a substitute for concealer and foundation for those days you need to let your skin breathe, to be paired with a little blush, perfectly groomed brows and natural, hydrated lips. No surprise – aesthetically Parisian.

Retails for £115 at


Avène Very High Protection Emulsion

For anyone that’s looking for an affordable, reliable skincare brand – I always recommend Avène (although in Asia I saw that the Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum was like, $80 (£40) and it retails for around £17 at Boots and I was like “are you joking that’s disgusting?!“).

Aside from the serum and Gentle Purifying Scrub, I’ve been using their SPF and I’m loyal. It’s been my go-to for a year, every single day. Until last week when you know, I started trialling these other two suncream brands. The Very High Protection Emulsion with a factor 50 has a thick consistency that spreads evenly and dries just as quickly as my moisturiser. As my skin condition used to be dehydrated and I was constantly travelling, something as heavy as this was comforting as it matched the weight of my daily hydrator. And unlike most SPFs, this one doesn’t leave a sticky shine – it settles well with makeup and doesn’t aggravate my combination skin.

Retails for £13.50 at


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