Having lived in a tropical country for years, when it comes to summer skincare or beauty, I’m relieved to say that I don’t find it as daunting as most people. I’ve pretty much lasered every follicle on my body so there’s not much catching up for me to do in that department. I’ve also already pinned down a makeup regime that won’t melt away in 30 degrees. For me, the heat brings new opportunity to try products that ‘enhance’ rather than conceal, as we try to tone down the coverage and find our natural glow (or fake it). I’ve found the most innovative skincare solutions, so if you ever needed an excuse to invest in long-term, high quality products, welcome to my ultimate summer luxury skincare guide.

1. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation review the haute heel andrea

This is quite literally makeup made to sweat in. You can wear it to the gym and it’ll last during your tanning session, all the while allowing your skin to breathe. Originally created for post-procedure patients, the foundation is gel based (but feels like a thick BB cream). It is made from silica gel and natural ingredients like salix alba, Vitamin E and grape seed extract. Read the full review here.

Retails for £45 for 15ml, available at and


2. Radara


I’ve been using these patches for about two weeks every night and I am obsessed. At first, I was intimidated by the idea of creating ‘micro channels’ (punctures) in my skin with tiny needles. After the first use, I realised that they were only long enough to allow the hyaluronic serum to penetrate the epidermis and now, I actually look forward to that mellow prickly feeling as part of my skincare routine. Am I gross? Maybe, but read the full review here then tell me you wouldn’t feel the same.

Retails for £199, 1 month’s supply available at

Radara micro channelling needle eye patch treatement

3. Sisley hydrating self-tanner

I have a fear of self-tanner and I’ll tell you the thrilling story why: when I was 17 and went to Oxford University’s Open Day, I distinctly remember that I wore a nude camisole and skinny jeans. I also wore self-tan. It was also 30 degrees; and I reeked of that plastic fake tan smell the entire day and I never touched the stuff ever again. See, I told you it was riveting. 

Sisley’s hydrating self-tanner did well in dispelling those haunting memories. It’s packaged in an elegant, slim bronze pump bottle and the lotion itself is white, which confused me at first . Then it put my mind at ease because this moisturiser isn’t meant to ‘stain’ the skin and dye it brown (or orange, eek!) but instead, it nourishes whilst building up a natural looking glow. As someone incredibly suspicious of the placebo effect, I wondered if my mind was playing tricks on me when I noticed that even after the first day, my legs had slightly more colour. By the second day, I realised that the product really does work quickly. I’ve now been using the skin tone of the back of my hand as a gauge of how much Sisley’s hydrating self-tanner develops.

After a few weeks of using this self-tanner on and off, I can say that the colour really stays put, even through soaping, shaving and bathing. At £78 I won’t pretend that it’s the kind of product that you pick up alongside your groceries but for its quality, duration and genuine glow (without that overwhelming fake tan odour) it’s something to invest in if you won’t get the chance to go on holiday this summer. 

Retails for £78 at

4. Erno Laszlo Detoxifying Cleansing Set

UK summers are far from ‘normal’, one week it’ll be a heatwave of 32 degrees and the next there’ll be rain and you’ll be digging around for your boots and jackets again. These fluctuations take a toll on the skin. I recently started using the Erno Laszlo cleansing set, which comes with an extremely chic bottle of black Detoxifying Cleansing Oil and a Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar. However, the ‘oil’ is much more like a thick gel cleanser, so the tiny bottle will last a lot longer than I initially thought. And the packaging doubles up as a soap dish (I squealed inside). I love the idea of a thorough double cleanse because sometimes micellar water and soap isn’t always enough, especially after shooting under the sun. As I’ve only just started using it, I don’t think it would be fair to declare it a miracle but it made this list because I’m impressed with the packaging (I’m sorry I’m so superficial) but mostly, when I featured it on IG stories, a girl sent me a DM that went like this: 

“I have problems with my skin because of health issues and nothing helped to keep it in good condition for long. I got cleansing oil, mud soap bar and lotion from this brand and [I] top it up with vitamin C serum from another brand. I almost don’t have spots now.”

What a testimony to good skincare if there ever was one.

Retails for £28 at


5. Swiss Clinic Eyelash Enhancer Serum

Eyelash and brow serums work. There’s no denying that but it’s also a question of how well they do their job and what makes them different. What I mean by that is that there was a girl I used to work with back at A&F (lol I know) and she always got away with the whole no-makeup policy whilst I looked like I was put under sleep deprivation torture. How? Because she used this incredible Eyeko mascara that had a built in eyelash growth enhancer. Her eyelashes literally reached to heaven to thank God for their beauty.

Swiss Clinic’s lashes serum isn’t a multi-purpose product but I’ve discovered something very interesting about it. For the first week of use, I tried it as a lone product during my nighttime skincare routine and under my mascara during the day. As a little bit of context, the makeup product I am least faithful to is mascara. Almost all of them flake, smudge or fail to lift my straight camel-like lashes. SC’s lashes serum as I unveiled, is the most effective mascara primer ever. So thank you Hanan with the eyelashes for that inspiration. Use this serum at night for a boost to your regime and give your eyelashes some nourishment and in the day to protect them from all that eye makeup. And also to make sure that your mascara doesn’t melt in the heat.

Retails for £69 at