We all know what micro-needling is, right? If you need a refresh, it’s where tiny pricks ranging from 0.25mm to 1.0mm in length create punctures in the skin as it’s rolled across the face. This aids in better absorption of product where those that contain hyaluronic acid are most commonly used. This is a naturally occurring component in our bodies that draws water to the surface of the skin and the effect is a plumped up appearance. I don’t know where you’ve been if you haven’t seen it splashed across magazine covers or hailed on Youtube as the next revolution in skincare. Except, these hardcore advocates are kind of wrong.

Micro-needling done via a dermaroller has an extremely low barrier to entry – at just £2 on Amazon or Ebay you can bag yourself one of these gadgets. And that is a problem. Most of us aren’t trained on how to safely and hygienically micro-channel (pierce) our skin – you can watch as many videos as there are available and it still doesn’t make you qualified. When I heard about people demonstrating on social media how to use a dermaroller alongside topical anaesthetic, it made my skin crawl. Why would you need to numb your face to perform something as simple as applying serum at home?! Although slight bleeding is normal depending on the size of the needle, the very act of tearing your epidermis and normalising it is something that seems very off. And I was the teenager happily watching plastic surgery documentaries whilst eating dinner.

How does it work?

Instead of a roller, micro-channelling is performed via a patch with micro needles at less than 0.5mm, a safe size that produces little to no bleeding. The product comes with concentrated hyaluronic acid serum that aids in the application of the patch to the eye area. Radara stimulates collagen production and keeps the skin firm as the acid attracts hydration from within to the skin. I was advised to drink lots of water during this time for maximised results. Anyone who has watched my videos know that I’m an absolute freak when it comes to anti-ageing, I’m terrified of wrinkles and lines. Even though I find them charming on other people I’d prefer to have the skin of a twelve year old forever, thank you. And whilst I do still have the skin of a child, I was still recommended to use this product twice a year – that’s two months out of the 12, for full preventative effect.

Radara micro needle eye patches hyaluronic acid Radara micro needle eye patches hyaluronic acid Radara micro needle eye patches hyaluronic acid

My experience


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