Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation 

This is quite literally makeup made to sweat in. Originally created for post-procedure skin, the foundation is gel based (but feels like a thick BB cream) and is made from silica gel and natural ingredients like Salix Alba, Vitamin E and grape seed extract. All of which allows the skin to breathe and promotes skin cell production, and wait for it – collagen. The Oxygenetix formula is quick to dry, so a slightly damp beauty blender or the simple warmth of your fingers are all that’s necessary for application. It’s got good, buildable coverage and I found that after applying two layers to my under-eye area, I didn’t really need concealer (and I’ve been sleeping an hour or two shy of my much needed eight).

So what does it feel like to wear? In spite of its gel texture, I wouldn’t describe it as lightweight because with only one pump of product, it has covers my entire face. Also, the foundation is water-resistant and can withstand water submersion for 90 minutes, so what else would you expect?

So, do I like it? Well, apparently it’s Gal Gadot’s makeup artist’s go-to foundation. What’s good enough for Wonder Woman should be good enough for me (joking). What I’m most drawn to is how it was first produced for traumatised skin – for surgery patients or those with chronic conditions like acne, psoriasis or rosacea whose skin doesn’t fare well with off-the-counter makeup. So, my first thought was, “where the hell were you all of my teen years?!” Uniquely, it was



Oxygenetix’s dermatology-grade quality that it was introduced to the market – as opposed to commercial foundation that can be very hit and miss, and a lot of the time you’re paying for branding more than anything else. It’s hypoallergenic too so I don’t have to feel at all guilty if I try to cover up a rogue pimple with it (or so I’m convincing myself!).

I took it for a spin during the June heatwave in the UK, probably the most daunting time for any makeup to be reviewed. I’m a big believer in SPF and it’s almost hereditary to be afraid of sun damage. Like, my grandma walks outdoors with an umbrella to shield herself from UV rays and that level of neurotic anxiety runs through my veins. I love that the Oxygenating foundation has a factor 25 built in, which I layer over my factor 50 face sunscreen.

In addition, despite using my trusty Fix Plus setting spray from Mac, my foundation often transfers to the screen of my phone. It was a great sign that this didn’t happen when wearing Oxygenetix’s product. Next, I headed off to the gym after work and noticed that afterwards, the makeup under my eyes (where its most heavily applied) didn’t crease with the moisture and oil on my face. This foundation really stays put and although it doesn’t do special tricks like give your skin any kind of special finish or comes in an Instagrammable bottle, the science behinds it means that it does what it does. And it does it well.


Retails for £45 for 15ml, available at and