With Instagram being like my third child (the first two being my dog and bunny), the thought of committing to another social platform that requires constant posting akin to a feeding schedule or just more competitiveness is migraine-inducing. The fashion app Looker on the other hand, avoids that completely.

    The premise of the fashion startup is for its users or ‘Lookers’ to upload images of their outfits, tagged to the item online or the closest thing to it if its sold out. When the look is published, other users can view this on their feed and if they like what they see – they’ll add you to their ‘team’. However, there’s a limit of up to ten people that you can add, which eliminates the element of competition. And that’s what won me over.

    If people like your style, the number of teams you’re in is a true reflection. You also can’t see whose team you’re on – so no pressure to follow people if you really can’t picture yourself in that ripped denim dress or ruffled floral shorts. And to really level the playing field, there are no stats or links to social media profiles. 

    As a shopping platform rather than a social community, its the go-to place to find new brands and covetable pieces from other people’s wardrobes. There’s also no algorithm to punish you if you just want to stalk what people are wearing, what size they are and the price of their clothes without posting anything yourself.

    With all of that in mind, the app is still new and is constantly looking for new features to develop, and being one of the first on the app means that I get to chip in with my opinion. Looker aims to democratise the way we view fashion and it’s persuading me of that mission.

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    Looker app


    Check out Looker here


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