A while back, Rodial sent me a few key products for dehydrated skin and needless to say, I was ecstatic. Like many of you, I’d seen it in high end apothecaries and beauty websites with glowing reviews that was just tempting me to click ‘add to cart’. But I never really knew which of their ranges, with their intense names like Dragon’s Blood, Snake and Bee Venom, to buy for my skin type. Breaking it down for me, I was provided me with a mix and match but mostly from the Dragon’s Blood collection. My video really has most of the juicy bits on my Rodial skincare review of products for dehydrated skin but since you’re already here, I received:



    With a focus on hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump up the skin cells, this range was perfect for those with dehydration problems. The moisturiser is soothing and thick, so I incorporated it into my evening routine. In spite of its heavy scent, which admittedly, I grew sick of after a few months, it didn’t irritate my skin. Now onto this ‘dragon’s blood’, a reference for the medicinal herbs that are assimilated into the product. Not so Game of Thrones now, is it?

    Now if you’ve watched the video, aside from realising that I act like I’m drunk even when I’m not, you’ll see that I fell hard for the the face masks. The bio-cellulose sheet holds on to so much serum, which means that all the moisture from the pack is delivered to your face. I usually keep the left overs for a little treatment with my face cream the next morning. I felt that while it didn’t quite do any ‘lifting’ (I don’t believe any at-home beauty product can do this properly), my complexion was much brighter and firmer. Oh, the benefits of hydrated skin!


    Watch the video above to find out what I thought about the rest of the products.

    Rodial skincare moisturiser post Rodial skincare moisturiser post

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