Last week, media listings company Diary Directory interviewed me as a featured influencer. I am so grateful that a staple resource for big players in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industry, would give me this much attention.

Around this time year, I moved to London and fucking hustled. It was hard. I remember crying alone in my house, wondering how to get to where I am now. I questioned if I was the right person to do this (this strange industry that we call our own) or if I would even feel fulfilled along the way. There’s a lot more that I want to accomplish but everything comes in it’s own time.

You’ll know if you’re following the right path for yourself. You’ll just know because everything will add up. I just want to encourage you to have the patience and faith that I lacked back then. These are the five favourite questions that Diary Directory asked me that I wanted to share with you if you didn’t get a chance to grab the link from my Instagram. I hope this helps:

Bedouin dress Own The Look

Bedouin dress Own The Look

How do you differentiate yourself from other luxury style bloggers?

I think luxury is supposed to be effortless, an item doesn’t look expensive if it stands out from an outfit too much. It has to be seamless with your style, so I tend to stay away from conspicuous logos, no matter how much they’re on trend. A lot of luxury bloggers make it very obvious and that’s their niche and it works for them. For me, ‘luxury’ is aspirational but it shouldn’t be performative.

What tools do you use to develop your Instagram? How much time do you spend on taking images for the platform?

I shoot twice a week while working full time with a select few photographers. I edit all my own images, no matter how great or talented the photographer – even though one of them (Hong Kong photographer Irwin Chan – @irwinsychan) got reposted by Instagram and several have been ‘suggested users’ . The shoots and post processing takes around six hours a week. Then I use the app UNUM, which allows you to plan and preview your feed. I spend an unhealthy amount of time on that. Commenting back and answering emails probably adds up to an hour a day. Each blog post takes around two hours to research, write and edit.

Bedouin dress Own The Look

How has your job benefitted your blog? What lessons have you learnt?

Such a good question! I wrote a post on how working as an editorial assistant at Time Out taught me to run my blog more efficiently and professionally. Now working in trend spotting and consumer analytics, I have an insight into what the largest brands and conglomerates are interested in. I also understand the psychology of why consumers like, share and purchase. I can’t ever see myself doing blogging full time because with my current career path, I feel like I can provide my audience insights into topics that very few people are willing to share knowledge about.


What are your current favourite brands?

I love Australian brands, they have such a strong visual identity. Also, if I could wear only For Love And Lemons, I wouldn’t say no – unless it’s in the UK because it’s too cold for that right now!!

Do you have help with your blog?

My blog is a collaborative effort, the ‘art direction’ and articles are all mine but without the photos, it wouldn’t come alive. I have a very curated selection of photographers in different cities (London, Hong Kong and Singapore). I wouldn’t have grown on Instagram without them reposting me either.


The full version and original was first published on Diary Directory, which you can read here. 


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