I am not one of those biometric health addicts with a Fitbit or Jawbone and frankly, I’ve been known to hide notifications from people on Facebook that upload their running routes. I literally do not care, like good for you but this is what Whatsapp and private messages are for.


That being said, I have had a long invested interested in personalised health. The best investment I ever made for my wellbeing was forking out for a personal trainer when I lived in Singapore. When asked if I was interested in reviewing VITL, a health start-up app, I was immediately intrigued by the approachability of its tech-focused premise.


A chatbot named ‘Lana’ runs on artificial intelligence and can converse with you. Although there are fixed responses available for you to send, the interface mimics instant messaging and is convincing enough to believe that this is almost a real conversation. VITL asks questions focused on five key points, digestion, mood, immune system, energy and antioxidant status.


And as you can see, for the last few months your girl has had a lot of sleep (I’d rather be unconscious than have fun haha) but I am also on the verge of being ill almost every month so am in need of some help from multivitamins. I already take Vitamin C tablets and echinacea but constantly find myself in a battle against viruses. 


After my ‘consultation’ with Lana, the app pulled up four supplements that health experts would recommend that I take daily as a booster. The bespoke nutrition service is subscription based so for convenience, the product arrives in the mail as a letterbox-sized package. This is great as the amount of times I have to arrange redeliveries would make you prioritise living by a post office depot rather than a tube station. There are tear-off strips containing the pills for every day of the week that make it easy to pack when travelling or if you don’t have time for breakfast because you need to sleep for nine hours (how relatable is this, is that just me??) so you can just throw a packet into your bag to pop vitamins on the go.


I am a huge fan of the packaging and the convenience of the product. Even if a friend had told me about VITL, I would definitely have downloaded the app to take the questionnaire. Getting a better understanding of why your body is reacting the way that it does to your lifestyle is such an interesting insight that would usually involve talking to nutritionists and doctors if it weren’t for the app.

The consultation is free and subscription is £35.95 a month.

VITL Lana AI chat bot

VITL Lana AI chat botVITL personalised health supplements

VITL personalised health supplements

VITL personalised health supplements

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