If you didn’t already know this about me, I wouldn’t correct you if you wanted to claim that I was high maintenance when it comes to skincare and clothes – but for almost everything else I go minimal. I’m all about the quality and the less I do to my hair, the simpler my workout and my diet, the happier I am. However, hitting 25 really made me step back and appreciate how terrifying it is to let age takeover and all the nagging little aesthetic worries that come with it that weren’t relevant at 18 but are very much so now. Slowly, with the help of some of my new favourite haircare brands, I’ve been introducing new products to my wash-and-dry routine. My neuroticism over signs of fading youth on my face has expanded its reach to my scalp.


    I was lucky enough to be treated to a blow dry at the Bardou salon in Covent Garden, a secret spot within The Library, a member’s club. Victoria, my assigned stylist was so professional, incredibly personable and had so much knowledge to share about maintaining your hair’s health. Like, did you know that our follicles have two states – alpha and beta? When it dries naturally, it’s the strongest at alpha and when we blow dry or treat it, it’s in beta. The sun is our enemy to our hair when it’s wet, as it is to our skin but not to our wellbeing or happiness but you can’t win everything. Anyway, when our hair is wet and we apply intense heat for example, after a swim we let our locks sun-dry – that’s when it’s the most damaging.

    To me this meant that we don’t need to cover our heads from harsh UV rays, just that we need to be more careful if we know we’re going to be exposed to it. Proper haircare products that are sensitive to these conditions are an easy, low-maintenance way of doing your part for yourself.When it came to choosing which items from Bardou’s range (that happens to be quite popular with some of my blogger friends when we’ve chatted honestly to each other), I wanted something that would really treat my hair and add value to my very pared down routine. I requested the Immaculate Spray dry shampoo as Victoria had recommended it as one of her favourites. I was also looking forward to trying the Repair shampoo and conditioner as that was used during my blow dry at the salon.


    Upon receiving the products, my first thought was how much it spoke to glamour. I know that the men and namesake of Dolce and Gabbana once said that this is really what every woman wants but personally, as much as I love the rose gold caps and the sleek shiny bottles, I really don’t judge ‘practical products’ by its appearance. However, the first time I used the shampoo, I was stunned. I’m just going to tell you now that it’s my favourite one ever.

    The silky texture of the Repair shampoo is a game changer. It’s like cleansing with a conditioner. I even thought to myself – do I even need to follow this up, can I just be done with my shower now? (See I told you I was extremely lazy when it comes to anything other than my skin). Now you can only imagine how soft my hair was after it was properly washed and conditioned, I didn’t even need to brush it before I used a hairdryer because it was so smooth.

    My favourite thing about Bardou’s Repair range was that it could give me the kind of Pre-Raphaelite hair that blows softly in the wind that I’m so fond of, despite having written 10,000 words on when I was at university. Especially as I’m not into using a curling iron before every photo session as doing my makeup is tedious enough, these are the products that I turn to before a shoot.

    The Bardou shampoo review

    The Bardou London blow dry salon Covent Garden The Bardou London blow dry salon Covent Garden

    Check out Bardou products here 


    72 Hair is a new boutique brand based in the UK that was formulated for all hair types. Interestingly, as the neutral packaging and mild scent implies, this is a unisex brand. My first impression was how refreshing it was that the product lacked  that floral or soapy aroma. I like how it didn’t feel as if I had walked through a West End nightclub bathroom, with their plethora of perfumes on display.

    The one thing that stood out the most to me was this sense of cleanliness. I know that’s kind of an odd conclusion when it comes to shampoo, because it’s meant to cleanse your scalp and hair right? But think about the generic brands – I’m no stranger to Head and Shoulders (I like to think its preventative rather than a solution) that stuff definitely works when it comes to dandruff issues but is the overwhelming feeling of ‘clean’ what you get after washing your locks?

    I started to use 72 Hair’s Intense Moisture Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner after a long day of shooting.  With all the wind, sprays and occasional lying on the ground – the 72 Hair shampoo and conditioner are now my go-to products.

    Despite the range gearing itself towards hydration purposes, I can’t definitively say that I think it is the best shampoo for dry or damaged hair out there. However, it’s worth giving it a go if you feel that your hair is a little more straw than silk and gets a lot of exposure to pollution.

    After all, the ingredients that they use places emphasis on maintaining healthy hair rather than coating follicles in silicon for a false sense of smoothness. With components like citrate to balance pH levels and hydrolysed silk, keratin and collagen to strengthen elasticity and reduce breakage, I like to think using this haircare range is more about the future of my hair than the immediate feeling of ‘softness’.

    The real winner of the products that I’ve reviewed is the Repairing Oil that I rub through the ends of my damp hair if I’m going to let it dry naturally. Otherwise, it’s a staple product for me whenever I’ve brushed my locks with my Tangle Teaser and it decides to frizz up. The woes of having a perm! 

    72 Hair Repairing Oil review

    Check out 72 Hair products here

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