Following my post on 7 Beauty Hacks last summer, I decided it was time to shift the attention to something a little more niche and exciting – ingestible beauty. Having gone through acne for around seven years, I’ve realised that whilst skincare is critical, what is more important is what you put into your body. My main issues are dehydration and a neurotic concern for ageing skin, despite having no lines. It was something that I actually cried about on my 15th birthday because the idea of having to deal with wrinkles as well as adult problems aka periods for the rest of my life, was just too traumatic for my oestrogen-rife self to handle.

    Why I decided to try Skinade

    When I was approached to review this product, my first thought was ‘I look like a child, I wonder if I’ll be able to tell if it will make a difference’. I didn’t want to accept a product for the sake of it if there was going to be no visible benefit to my skin – as a reader myself, I wouldn’t just trust someone’s word if I was thinking of committing to a 30 day trial.

    There was however, one itchy little spot of insecurity that is my neck.  I’ve noticed recently that I have these lines running across them that remind me of an elephant’s trunk and it’s one of those things that no one notices unless you force them to look. Still, these lines are noticeable. Despite taking precautions – I’m big on moisturising my neck, I even have a sheet mask that covers that area – I was interested to see if a collagen drink could fill in those lines.

    The science and results

    One of my concerns was if my body could absorb the collagen efficiently, right now it hasn’t been winning any awards absorbing the two litres of H20 I drink everyday. According to Skinade, there is 7000mg of marine collagen sourced from fresh-water fish in each bottle, whereby the absorption rate is calculated to be 80-90%. Let’s be honest, we’ll never really know for ourselves, so I’ll fast forward and show you the results:

    before and after skinade collagen drink 30 day trial

    On the right was an image taken way back in late November, where even with light editing, you can see the lines on my neck. The one seen on the right were taken 30 days after sampling Skinade, and are unedited. You know how some makeup brands (ahem, Benefit) show you two images side by side and it is painfully obvious that one could have been easily photoshopped to demonstrate the difference? I thought showing you this way because it’s a lot more authentic.

    This shit works.

    after result of skinade collagen drink 30 day trial

    Solving other skin related issues

    During the 30 day course of my Skinade trial, I was looking out for whether the other claims made by the practical beauty drink were fulfilled. Whilst I couldn’t definitively say that the condition of my skin improved as it was business as usual with the odd spot or two when I was PMSing (you know how it is!), my nails definitely improved. I know that I will evoke zero sympathy here but this was the situation: I had just torn off some hard gels from my nails and I got what I deserved –  they were as weak and translucent as a basic bitch. Skinade is likely to have factored in their quick recovery and at that stage, anything would have helped. They were so thin that if I washed my hands with hot water, the pink under my enamel would sting!

    As for ‘increased skin suppleness’, I have noticed these awful lines that appeared either side of my mouth had reduced. Hounds have them, Shar Peis have them… basically its my jowls and it makes me look like a sad dog. I noticed an ‘uplift’ in this area as I used to have to blur out the unflatteringly sagging region, but I didn’t have to it anymore towards the end of the trial.Skinade travel sachets

    Likes and Dislikes

    Overall, if the before and after photos weren’t obvious enough to tell you, I do really like this product. If you have concerns about ageing skin, this could work for you. It definitely improved the plumpness of my skin – to the point I didn’t even edit my ‘after’ photos.

    As for the taste, it resembles a peach flavoured Berocca (without the fizz) but nothing like mangosteen. It’s my third favourite fruit so I would know. There were no strange side effects from drinking Skinade everyday except that it turned my pee bright yellow like Berocca does. Considering that the colour of the drink looks like it could glow in the dark, I wasn’t very surprised about this. In my Insta story I compared Skinade’s design to my Dermalogica moisturiser because of the packaging. For the first three weeks, before I switched to the travel-friendly tubes, I took the little bottle with me to work and with its slim shape it was easy to fit into most of my handbags. However, I’m one of those people that have to wait for guests to come round to get them to open jars for me so if you have a weak grip, you may find that the screw tops are a little too stiff. When it comes to the travel sachets, there are absolutely no complaints. I actually prefer them to the sleek bottles as I can dilute the sweetness (but just under 40 calories a bottle so don’t worry) to my preference.

    I asked some medically trained friends their opinion on collagen drinks, which is a great use of their six plus years of training and student debt. Anyway, whilst they were sceptical, they read over the information sheets that Skinade provides with their product and fed back that everything looked good. They cautioned me that collagen naturally degenerates, so I would have to keep drinking Skinade on a regular basis if I wanted to maintain the results. Essentially, if you share the outlook that one should start taking precautions against wrinkles before they appear, this is probably something to should try out before anything invasive or involving needles. So would I continue this trial for a  longer period? I’m still taking it past my agreed upon trial end-date and like, did you see the after photos?!


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