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    Call me Valentine Scrooge but out of the many things that make me roll my eyes, the idea of a V-Day outfit really takes the cake, particularly at this time of the year. I’ve had the same great boyfriend for the last four years and whilst I’m always surprised by a cute gift and lots of flowers, which may I add, is in stark contrast to my teenage years where candy or cute notes were noticeably absent from my school desk. In fact, the only Valentine I had during my lonely adolescence was a sweet card by my little brother but then again, he also made one for my mum.

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    So why is it that I don’t believe in a Valentine’s Day outfit? Aside from the obvious commercial aspect of it, there’s also the unnecessary pressure to purchase yet another date outfit and having to walk around in uncomfortable shoes. Most of all, it’s the idea that if you’re not dressed up on this day, you’re somehow missing out even if you do have a significant other. If you’re gathered around your family table in a hoodie and ripped jeans on Christmas Day, does that subtract from your experience? No! In fact, it’s more likely enhancing it because you can eat more. Of course I recognise that dressing up and making an effort for your partner is a form of showing your affection but ladies, ask your boyfriend or date if they’d prefer you went out and bought something new for February 14th and I can guarantee the majority will express their indifference. Personally, dressing up isn’t about catering to the opposite sex, it’s for gratifying yourself and one of the main reasons I find the idea of a Valentine’s Day outfit to be distasteful is that you never see floaty maxi dresses, silk culottes or studded Chelsea boots. It’s always the same bodycon, the ‘feminine’ flirty dress or the usual LBD.

    I mean if magazines and websites want to do a LBD shopping edit, just do it! There’s no need to tack on the click bait title of ‘8 Must-Have Dresses for Valentine’s Day’, unless that is exactly what you’re trying to do – get your clicks. I am not opposed to Valentine’s Day, the gifts, the dates, any of it – except the idea that you need a special outfit to make love happen. We know better than that so if you want to treat yourself, be kind to yourself. If you want to impress your date, don’t do it with a standard mini dress and heels. We are beyond that, aren’t we?

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    Photos by Jae, @jaegenn

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