I’ve never been one to talk about casual clothing. In theory, it has always seemed so obvious to me what to wear when you’re chilling with friends or going for a relaxing dinner and drinks. But in reality, when you’re dealing with the kind of weather that I face here in the UK, it’s a lot more complicated. Juggling quality, warmth and style while keeping it relatively affordable is much harder than it looks. Here are my three, real-life everyday outfits for spring for a little OOTD inspo.

        Chinti and Parker pink oversized jumper

        With all the voluminous sleeves appearing on Instagram, the notion of that floppy cuff reminiscent of 90’s soft grunge took on a more feminine appeal. This one from luxury cashmere brand Chinti and Parker, is the ideal jumper for temperamental spring weather. Warm enough to be worn without a coat, I wore it back to front for a little more coverage, just in case the wind blew. Wearing it the right way round leaves it baggy enough for a cheeky shoulder reveal, that little oomph that admittedly photographs very well. For those who are erring on the apprehensive side about buying an investment piece, here’s a little guide put together by Chinti and Parker on how to take care of your cashmere. And in case that wasn’t convincing enough, you can read about how it’s just about the only material that keeps me warm in single digit weather.

        Also, if you were starting to doubt how casual this look is, I’d like to point out that these leggings are in fact sportswear and no, it wasn’t an athe-leisure look. I was genuinely going to try some vegan food in Notting Hill (these health cafes have the worst coffee ever) before swapping my jumper and shoes for trainers and a hoodie, and half heartedly hitting the free weight section.

        Chinti and Parker pink oversized jumper


        Whistles leather jacket, wrap skirt, lace shirt

        Whistles leather jacket, wrap skirt, lace shirt

        For my second look, I opted for a lace shirt instead of the classic white. Pieces like these are the perfect investment, they’re timeless and elevates a simple monotone look. Paired with an oversized biker and a wrap skirt, this outfit is formal enough for a casual office and can be carried into after work drinks.

        Haute tip: In case of cold weather, go for cute knit socks peeking over the top of black ankle boots.


        I’d be lying if I said this third look didn’t remind me of school uniform. Remember those days when thick silver Tiffany necklaces were in and school jumpers were bought oversized because it made our legs look skinnier (or was that just my school?). Who would’ve thought that those teen years of acne, braces and bad makeup choices could inspire my adult wardrobe.


        Look 1: Chinti and Parker jumper, And Other Stories bag, Valentino shoes, Tilly Sveeas necklace

        Look 2: Whistles jacket, shirt and skirt, Valentino shoes

        Look 3: Brandy Melville jumper, Sam Edelman boots, Tilly Sveeas necklace


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