My time in Singapore was a whirlwind! I stopped over for two and a half days on my way to Hong Kong, mainly to see my family and be with my children (my dog Gatsby and bunny Percy). If you were to ask me if I missed living here I would answer with a firm “no”. There were too many things that I just didn’t feel comfortable with in the long term. But being back even just for a few days reminded me that I do still love this city: Mos Burger, McSpicy, great poke bowls and the sunshine! Okay, so most of what I miss is the food which in some ways makes me more of a Singaporean than I thought. Yet much like a tourist, I found myself spending most of my time on Orchard Road.

A good friend of mine from London happened to be in town at the same time as me and on the first day, we met up at my usual place, Salon Vim and had our hair done together by my stylist Victor (you should totally ask for him if you’re in Singapore and want to get your hair coloured or cut!). The next day, Drew came over to my condo where he met my fur babes and we chilled by the pool. Just reading back what I wrote, this sounds like the homework of a beginner level English student, sorry! But from all my travelling experiences, one of the best things to do is show someone around a city that you’re familiar with and that they enjoy.

The rest of the second day was spent chilling at the Island Cafe with Zippy, a friend I met via Instagram. Beautiful cafe, horrifically overpriced, and I live in London! Also, it’s a little stone age that they don’t have dairy alternatives, don’t you think? The ambience is beautiful and great for chilling out (if you don’t mind the $10 coffees). In the evening I caught up with an old colleague from Time Out over ramen and sake, probably one of the most amazing comfort foods ever. I was lured over to Emerald Hill by the sound of two for one Earl Grey martinis, where I met a photographer friend. And I did this all without data. It was nerve-wracking relying on public wifi but thank goodness for Asia and its connectivity.

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Photos by Zippy, @zippyzipeng

H&M linen tshirt

Mango skirt

Celine inspired shoes