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    For the first time in I don’t know when, I was travelling with no intention of doing shoots. Shocking, I know. I just wanted to wear however much makeup I wanted and throw on whatever I felt like without planning. This trip to Hong Kong was a break not just from work but ‘being a blogger’. When I watch Insta Stories of girls that document almost every hour of their day and look perfect the whole the time, I’m just like, that is so much effort. Good for you but I think I would throw my phone at the wall if I ever felt obliged to do so.

    Of course, once I got to Hong Kong I was reconsidering my decision, it actually felt more unnatural to not meet up with photographers and shoot. Thankfully, I was already going to see Irwin in Asia, someone I had met in London when I shot the pictures for the post on the differences between blogging in Asia and the UK. This time we met for coffee, bought some bubbles at the first random shop that we walked into, and then headed down to the waterfront by IFC. The light and wind just wasn’t in our favour and not to mention, Irwin says he brought the wrong lens with him but in my experience, things that aren’t planned often turn out brilliant. If you’re working with someone talented that is!

    Hong Kong portrait photography bubbles3 bubbles4 bubbles5

    Photos by Irwin, @irwinsychan

    Urban Outfitters jumper 

    Abercrombie shorts

    The Kooples belt

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    6th October 2016
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