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        The key to having a long, happy blogging life is more than producing beautiful content and getting your name out there. Of course it’s important to take original photos and work with photographers but arguably, the most critical thing is to meet likeminded bloggers. Here are five reasons why:

        1. Sharing contacts

        Not everyone will want to share the fruits of their networking with you but you should also ask yourself if you’re bringing anything to the table. Having blogger friends means that you can mutually benefit from event invitations, introductions to other bloggers and sometimes, PR contacts. Most importantly, you’ll have someone to walk through the door with and chat to at those times where ‘social’ events are not as friendly as you’d hoped.

        4evajessie Hong Kong

        2. Sharing knowledge

        Keeping your finger on the pulse of which brands are open to fair collaborations, the best location is to shoot or even tech advice will go a long way. You don’t want to find yourself in a difficult position that was easily avoidable if you could have just asked someone.

        4evajessie Hong Kong

        3. Taking pictures

        There’s nothing more demotivating than asking apathetic friends if they could help you snap a photo. Going out with blogger friends means that no one is going to get hangry whilst waiting for you to get that perfect flatlay. Another plus to having a blogger take your photo is that they’ll have a better idea of what you want out of a picture and often know what to look out for: an untucked shirt, the flyaway hair.


        4evajessie Hong Kong

        4. Building a community

        Isn’t it great seeing the same faces (or usernames) on Instagram commenting on and liking your photos? I love the feeling of being able to carry on a conversation in comments or in direct messages. Having this kind of virtual support means that even when you’re feeling unmotivated or you’re perhaps doubting how much time you want to invest in social media, at least you can take something positive away from the experience.


        4evajessie Hong Kong
        4evajessie Hong Kong

        5. Stand up for your title

        Bloggers are paving our own niche in the fashion industry. Whilst the term does often come with negative connotations (somewhat thanks to that derogatory Vogue article), there’s a reason why people have such strong opinions on what we do. Meeting other bloggers creates a sense of reality that you can’t really reach online and says, yes we are normal people and what we strive for has an impact. It’s a kind of democratisation of the fashion world. When we connect, it’s in a more authentic way and we don’t need to be afraid of judgement because it’s with others in the same position as us.


        4evajessie Hong Kong

        Photos of Jessie from @4evajessie taken by me in Hong Kong

        PREV. ITEM NEXT ITEM embroidered jeans lace shirt
        11th October 2016
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