Revealed: London Fashion Week

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    What London Fashion Week is really like for a London fashion blogger

    Call me cynical but when some people get as excited about Fashion Week as I do about a new season of Game Of Thrones, I question how much free food and drink they’ve ever gotten in their lives. Probably none by the way their eyes gleam and you can practically hear the buzz of adrenaline within them. Unless you’re attending one of the shows by invitation (as opposed to turning up in an a rambunctious outfit trying to blag your way in), what is the point?

    Let me put it this way, for those of you have the kind of job where you often attend press events or anything similar: is not knowing who to talk to and pretending to look busy on your phone in the queue for the loo fun? Now imagine Fashion Week where hundreds of industry people are trying to soak in as much information as possible and you’re there gawking and trying to attract attention from well, just about anyone with a camera.

    Okay, so maybe I’m coming off a little harsh but here’s another reality check. The shows last about five minutes and most of it involves waiting around and finding your seat. And as tall as the models are, if you’re not in the first two rows, you’re not going to see much at all. I’ve had people message me asking if I knew how to get them into the shows (no, I don’t) or where they could buy tickets (are you crazy?). Guys, it’s just not worth it. If you had to try that hard to get in, you’re definitely not going to find yourself backstage and that’s where all the really interesting stuff is.

    Lastly, before I left London three years ago, I was hardly asked the question, ‘what are you doing for fashion week?’ Truthfully, only those who are relevant to the international fashion scene got to attend and whilst the number of those at the top have increased thanks to social media, the rules are still the same. So for the rest of us, just chill out, watch the shows’ live streams if you really want to and enjoy the last of summer whilst you can.


    Photos by Daniel Sun, @sunxjin

    Look 1: February First jumper, Mango skirt, Sam Edelman boots

    Look 2: Pineal Grand white dress

    All looks c/o of Favotell London

    Hair done all fancy thanks to the Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler (the flat iron from this post)

    PREV. ITEM runway ribbons nengi NEXT ITEM The Iron Fairies HK
    18th September 2016
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