The first proper photography project I had was when I was 17. I had created a mood board for a shoot I was going to do with a friend of mine, a blonde 5’11 girl, the kind that had been scouted by the likes of Storm from the age of twelve. It was for my Art AS level and the final result was a 2×3 metre blow up of her face superimposed with palm leaves and lattice cut outs of butterfly wings. And then I got my A* and I left it at that.

And fast forward to present day. More often than not, especially if it’s with a new photographer, I still feel awkward in front of a camera. Naturally, I have a permanent RBF and I’ve never liked photos of me smiling (due to a horrific set of teeth growing up). However, spending more and more time with photographers, I’ve started to prefer being on the other end of the lens. For one it means that I don’t need to bring heels in my bag and I don’t have to turn up to the shoots with photo-ready makeup on!

This is first editorial shot for my blog, featuring my lovely friend Emily. The mood of these pictures are so quintessential of a British summer; every year we complain about the lack of sun but once it exceeds 25 degrees, everyone is moaning again. Every year there’s Eton Mess, a rush to buy a new pair of sandals and of course, there’s Wimbledon. Everyone goes to Capri, Santorini, Ibiza or Marbs. Between the months of June to August there’s a surge of fake tan and the battle to attend as many music festivals as possible, where I quote a friend of mine, ‘it’s easier to get coke than real food’. Brandishing a wrist stacked full of fraying passes seems to be a trend that wasn’t left behind when we graduated Sixth Form.  Chelsea Girl is that Londoner that does all of these things, with the enthusiasm as if each summer were the first.

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