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    So it’s been two months since I moved to London and whilst it seems to people that finally getting something that you’ve worked towards would come as a relief, it actually comes with a lot of anxiety. The truth is that as soon as I landed at Heathrow in early June, I went straight to bed in an empty house by myself and the following day, I started a new job. But you didn’t see that, because I didn’t want you to. To be honest, I had so many more things to think about beyond being social, like, where is my nearest gym? Or where can I buy light bulbs? Those mundane, practical thoughts that you usually take for granted are so exhausting. By the time you figure it all out, you’re too tired to feel alone and nervous anymore. Does that sound depressing? It kind of is.

    During those times I’m grateful for having this blog and active conversation on social media that I can turn to because it remains a strong constant wherever I am. However, even though we are linked by shared passions, there are so many differences between the fashion blogging scene in London and in Singapore. This was one of the biggest things that I had to adjust to.



    One of the first major differences is the demand for photographers in London. If you’re without a shutterbug boyfriend, you’re kind of limited to selfies, shoe-fies and attempting to teach your friends how to use a DSLR. That’s not to say that there aren’t enough talented photographers in London, it’s that they won’t shoot with just anyone who has a cute outfit and a couple thousand followers. Photographers in Singapore tend to be a lot younger and most likely still a student. They’re just trying to get their name out there and work on their portfolios.




    The second is definitely the attitude towards blogging or running an IG account. In Singapore, there’s an appearance of hierarchy. The influencer’s engagement with their audience is much lower and the online culture is much more ‘fan based’ than a community. In London, people aren’t as concerned with the number of accounts that they’re following, as long as there’s a flow of conversation and they’re inspired by what they see.




    Making bank

    Thirdly, the outlook on monetisation is drastic. Of course bloggers in London post sponsored content or gifted items but it’s almost taboo to talk about it openly. It’s okay to say that you’d like blogging to be your full time career but it’s an incredibly private matter to discuss how you want to go about achieving that. In Singapore, people are hush about their rates but influencers are far from shy from hawking anything from heat packs for your cramps to weight loss tea.

    There are so many other things that I could list and if you’d like a discussion about my observations, head over to my Instagram (@fleurandrea or click the IG grid on the right sidebar) and leave a comment with your thoughts!

    image1-6Photos by Irwin Chan, @irwinsychan

    Dark Pink top

    Club Monaco trousers

    Sam Edelman sandals

    Saint Laurent bag

    4th August 2016
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