Serving up stylish, fresh plates for the usual crowd of health conscious locals in W11 are Clean and Lean, Farmacy, Farm Girl and Granger.

Granger Notting Hill 2016


Follow the snaking queue down the street that’s lined with boutiques and picturesque houses, and it will lead you to Notting Hill’s starlet. At this spacious and bright eatery, you’ll find a contemporary menu that mashes together interesting and popular flavours, like kimchi fried rice with an egg and soft shell crab (£14.24), or jalapeño mayo in a shrimp burger (£15). Go at lunch and opt for a bar seat for quicker seating and save room for the beautiful cakes that they have on display.

Clean and Lean Acai bowl

Clean and Lean

Part of the Bodyism studio at Westbourne Grove, this neat little health spot is kitted out in Charlotte Olympia inspired interiors. Apparel from the collaboration with the designer is available at this small dine-in area, where you can order coconut oil coffee, protein boosting shakes and a variety of generously laden acai bowls (around £7). You should go, in the very least because wielding your turquoise cup around the neighbourhood wearing Nikes and oversized sunglasses is a ticket to the highest echelon of ‘on-the-run chic’. And for some, the closest you’ll get to being able to afford a membership to this gym.

Farmacy Notting Hill


This fancy vegan joint has been getting a lot of Instagram action lately, and with its celebrity founder Camilla Al Fayed, the restaurant’s warm, sleek interior and fun logo, it’s easy to see why. I was looking forward to trying out this place, if only to see if a no-meat menu could compare with a ‘regular’ one. Considering the hype-worthy philosophy behind the food, the menu was a little lacklustre in inventiveness, albeit for the slightly eyebrow raising appearance of cannabis oil. Let’s just say that their recommended Farmacy Burger, packed with beans and accompanied by goji ketchup, will only be considered divine to those whose tastebuds have not felt the velvety juices of a beef burger in years. And those that really, really love beans. Because it just tastes like beans in a bun. Overall, you’ll leave feeling very full and also as if you could run your very own Farmacy from your kitchen. If you’re denying yourself the flesh of animals, you do you and it’s likely that you’ll love this place. If not, choose self medication over Farmacy’s prescriptions.

Farm Girl Notting HillFarm Girl

With its Aussie roots, Farm Girl brings everything that’s cool from down under up to Notting Hill. Located in a little mews off Portobello Road, the cafe is the perfect brunch spot or place to chill. It’s usually packed but service is upbeat and efficient. Food-wise, they’re coconut crazy, with all the variations of the tropical fruit available: coconut ‘bacon’, which is essentially smoked flesh in a burger (£5.50-£9.50), coconut oil in their 3-egg omelette (£6.50) and a liberal scattering of coconut shavings in multiple dishes on the all day menu (£4-£9.50). The commitment to superfoods is real, with homemade chlorophyll (yes, really) that can be added to dishes for a supplement of £1, as well as the relatively usual suspects of bee pollen, maca powder and goji berries. If any of that makes you wrinkle your nose and reminds you of weird Gwen Paltrow-esque potions, fear not, the food is actually quite normal and the atmosphere is far from intimidating. Oh, and obviously items are marked if they’re vegan friendly or free-from, because why would you expect anything else?

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