On a rainy London afternoon, as most afternoons are over here, I must confess that I was daydreaming about my warm, cloud-like bed as I headed down to Boutique Spa. I mean, when it’s windy, wet and cold outside and you have to mess around with an umbrella, who doesn’t want to stay at home? I was invited to review a treatment of my choice at Boutique Spa’s Queensway residence and from my days at Time Out trying out (but mostly writing up) about all of the most luxurious spas in Singapore, the ESPA Aromatherapy Massage really caught my eye (£65/60 minutes, £90/90 minutes).

First impression? The spa itself is a pretty little gem, amidst the mix-and-match neighbourhood that it’s in. Upon arrival, the friendly receptionists offered me their specially made ‘Buddha Tea’, a naturally sweet herbal drink that put me in the mood to whip my clothes off and get rubbed down with essential oils. Second impression was how I wish I had experienced this massage when I had first lost my spa virginity, instead of being thrown in the deep end at a resort years ago, where I had every inch of my body scrubbed and kneaded, including my boobs. If you aren’t the kind of treat yo’ self person but you need some TLC, this is totally your place. No breast and no butt cheek action, a simple and no frills massage that kneads away the knots and relaxes your tense muscles with long strokes and a lot of oil. Perfect to nip (did you get my pun? hehe) into for a break from running errands or at the end of a long work week.

boutique spa queensway

boutique spa queensway

The treatment itself is top-to-toe, including an incredible head massage that every hairdresser needs to model their hair wash scalp massage on because that was probably the highlight of the whole thing. A friendly tip, if you plan on going for this, go as bare as you dare with your eyebrows or bring a little touch up kit with you because the amazingness also means that your brow area (that surprisingly holds a lot of tension) will be messed with. You’ll be given the option to skip this face/ hair contact part but I thoroughly recommend that you don’t! Oh, and another inside hint, if you book via their app you can get 10% off, which means you score a great price for this massage, or any other treatment you’re thinking of trying out, for a price that’s almost unheard of in central London.

As I was leaving the spa I realised that my new favourite thing to do on a day where I just can’t stand to be outdoors is to fix myself up. It brightens the mood, it’s probably good for the soul and perhaps the most important of all, you’ll look better for it.

Find Boutique Spa at

123 Queensway, Bayswater, London,W2 4SJ

020 7221 8017


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