Well here it is, my first ever video where I share my everyday skincare products and routine for post-acne skin. These are great products that I use daily, from your drug store basics like my favourite toner ever to some of the most luxurious formulas around. Aka, Creme de la Mer that admittedly, I wait for my mother to stock up on before I go after her stash. For some background information, I had a decade of terrible skin and I was a total skincare cynic. Nothing could cure me so why should I rely on it now I wasn’t plagued with acne anymore? However, as I converted, I went in the opposite direction and became a huge skincare snob and thought that only expensive brands were the most effective. Now, after a few years of learning to take care of my complexion and adjusting my perspective, I can firmly say that I had been hugely misinformed!

Looking after yourself post-acne is different to just addressing combination (most of us sufferers seem to have the same skin type!) or oily skin that may be prone to a few pimples. There’s a huge psychological element to it that my video doesn’t touch on but this one does, which is probably why I went from two extremes. The only advice I can give as someone who has been through years of low self-esteem and a vicious cycle of breakouts and scarring is this: be kind to your skin and be patient. Now that your acne is behind you, get into a healthy regime that nourishes you with what fits you best. Not all of these products will be perfect for you but from popular opinion, they’re a good place to start.


Check this out for a list of the products mentioned in the video:

everyday skincare products and routine for post-acne skin

everyday skincare products and routine for post-acne skin

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