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    Not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve been bringing back past photos and re-publishing them, some of them are shot as far back as late 2015. After taking on the laborious but essential project of optimising them for search engines, these are the top three ways to revive old content and keep it relevant on your blog.

    The Fifth playsuit Lavish Alice cape 2jours Fendi

    1. Be informative

    If you’re thinking of updating or replacing old text, go for how-to lists on topics you’re confident about. Aim for informative posts because if you’re going to look to optimise your blog’s SEO, there’s no point going for anything poetic and hyper-personalised. Your purpose is to be useful to an audience you may have never encountered, so just do that.


    2. Evergreen content only!

    So in other words, nothing that’s time-sensitive because you don’t want to keep having to update it every year, especially if you have as many as the 200 I am slugging my way through. Even if you don’t feel that your pictures are super on-trend anymore, a lot of the time the users that engage the most with your posts are actually reading rather than scrolling through your photos (shocking, I know) so make it worth their time.

    Some examples of ‘evergreen content’ are things like What I Learnt From My First Fashion Internship and my post on how to score designer discounts that got me views for years after I initially wrote it.


    The Fifth playsuit Lavish Alice cape 2jours Fendi


    3. Writer’s block? Let other posts inspire you

    If you’re struggling with even coming up with new ideas to write about let alone go back and breathe new life to past posts, let your favourite subjects inspire you to take a new angle on them. This is especially important for internal linking, which tells Google that there’s a related article on your page within your website and it strengthens your overall SEO. For example, I did a series on how to work with bloggers part one and two, which triggered me to think about the luxury industry and how I fit in as an ‘influencer’ – even though I don’t overtly influence sales. Then that got me thinking about what’s going on in the Instagram world and how there are so many designer knock-off advocates around. See what I mean? Build a web of organic content!

    The Fifth playsuit Lavish Alice cape 2jours Fendi

    The Fifth playsuit Lavish Alice cape 2jours Fendi

    The Fifth playsuit Lavish Alice cape 2jours FendiPhotos by Jaegan Tan, @jaegenn

    The Fifth playsuit | Lavish Alice cape | Zara earrings

    PREV. ITEM Hong Kong Mary Katrantzou Saint Laurent Valentino NEXT ITEM the fifth white jumpsuit
    6th February 2016
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