“Will I ever wear it again?” 

    “Is it really worth that much?”

    “Won’t people notice if I wear it more than once?”


    Trust me I totally get it, once I post a photo of a statement piece on Instagram people seem to assume that I’ve worn it hundreds of times because of its visibility. Have you also noticed it’s almost faux pas to be seen in the same dress multiple times but it doesn’t really apply to tops or bottoms? This is probably why there are so many booming rent-a-dress companies out there targeted at us poor millennials that lust after expensive pieces with the judgement of social media looming over us. So after a long time debating whether I should retire the more outlandish pieces in favour of more basics, I realised that there are lots of ways to get the most out of your recognisable articles of clothing. And if we are still justifying purchases by how often we don them, then all the more reason to read this list of how to get the most wear out of a designer dress!

    Hong Kong Mary Katrantzou Saint Laurent Valentino


    1. Take it on holiday

    Taking a trip somewhere and want to turn heads? Bringing your investment piece with you, there’s nothing like a new environment to give a photo new vibes and with it, new life. It’ll also inspire you to pick up some local pieces to accessorise with that will take your dress outside of its usual style. Here I’m wearing a Mary Katrantzou dress in Hong Kong, amid the grungy graffitied streets.

    Hong Kong Mary Katrantzou Saint Laurent Valentino


    2. Layer, layer, layer

    It was like 32 degrees when I took these photos but if I were to layer, using the top half as an attention-grabbing fitted top and going for a block-coloured maxi skirt would transform this dress into something way more formal. Go for the bottom half as the hero and throw on a fluffy knit and a biker jacket and the outfit becomes super casual. Layers also take the dress from day to night and is a easy way to get more wear out of it.

    Hong Kong Mary Katrantzou Saint Laurent Valentino

    Hong Kong Mary Katrantzou Saint Laurent Valentino

    3. Take it out of context

    In a way, my first two points alluded to this. Take your dress out of context. Even if you’re not going abroad, styling something a little fancier to appear more down to earth can really revive a designer dress. In this case, accessorising my dress with some chunky boots and tights would take the body-con association away from cocktails and parties. And eventually, if you dare, who’s to stop you from a little alteration and DIY when you know you’re just not feeling it in it’s current state?


    Hong Kong Mary Katrantzou Saint Laurent Valentino

    Hong Kong Mary Katrantzou Saint Laurent Valentino


    Mary Katrantzou dress | Valentino shoes | Saint Laurent clutch | Vanina rings (similar sold here)


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