Do you really want to be that person dragging five suitcases onto the Eurostar or to the budget airline check-in desk? That’s a look we left back in chick flicks from the early 2000’s. Thankfully, it’s in trend to be practical and curating a tight wardrobe for a short holiday, even when it’s cold and you want to bring all your scarves and coats along. Here are my three tips to pack for a winter weekend away, inspired by my short getaway to Paris.

    1. Wear your heaviest shoes

    When travelling, it might seem counterintuitive and sneakers may be a more tempting option. But unless you’re planning to work out over the weekend or to wear them the whole time, opt for boots. They likely weigh more and also take up valuable space in your luggage. I knew that Paris was going to be rainy and wet (yay for me), so I brought along rubber boots from Jimmy Choo and the best part is that they barely look like wellies!

    2. Pick one statement accessory

    It’s fun to dress up when you’re on a getaway trip but unless you’re there to take photos, just pick one statement accessory to look stylish. I usually find that I never get round to wearing most of the jewellery I bring along, so a cute bag or a hat usually suffices.


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    3. Basics to layer up in

    No, I don’t mean heat tech because that should be a given. The kind of basics you need to edit are blouses and trousers. Go for flattering silhouettes that are adaptable to wherever you might be. I’m a big fan of good restaurants and some of them have eye-rolling archaic dress codes but it’s better to be prepared. That’s why, despite blue denim being such a popular choice for a minimalist weekend wardrobe, I find it safer to go for black skinny jeans and cigarette trousers. On the spectrum, they fall closer to effortless than merely casual.


    Look 1: Zara hat and top | F21 scarf | Jimmy Choo boots

    Look 2: Zara jacket | Uniqlo jumper and trousers | Tinselrack dress | Valentino bag and shoes

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