The trend has been creeping up on us for some time now and it is time to face the reality, arm swag for men is in. If pukka shells or dog- collar stud bracelets still haunt your memory, the best way to combat your fear is to face it head on. Style your stack with a fitted shirt or a V-neck t-shirt in a neutral colour to keep it simple. Here are the five ways to wear bracelets for men:

    1. Complement your watch

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    If you are pandering towards the conservative side of menswear, yet still looking for something street style worthy, a slither of silver to match your watchstrap is just the thing.


    2. Never faux anything

    Avoid anything with faux gems. The ultimate goal of a gentleman’s wardrobe is masculine elegance and if you want something that speaks the language of luxury, Cartier’s slender ‘Love bracelets have been around for a long time. In gold or silver, this unisex bangle is typically a couple’s statement of their love but why shouldn’t single men indulge too? Treat yo’ self.


    3. Go for woven leather in complementary colours

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    Tods and Bottega Veneta are the go-to labels for tasteful and on- trend leather bracelets but Miansai has proved to be a prevalent force in the world of men’s jewelry with their sleek and bold designs that strays towards the urban male, more so than its Ivy League counterparts. Whatever your style, woven leather is a classic and can upgrade any casual look.


    4. Mix up your stack with some beads

    A glimpse of Amalfi- inspired hues amidst a refined assortment of bracelets is a great way to get that bohemian- beach feel. Injecting some colour with natural stones, such as this one from Luis Morais, keeps your wrist looking like it went on holiday, even if you did not.


    5. The preppy look always works

    In the nascence of wrist-wear, the preps did it first and arguably, they still do it the best. Wear it with your chinos, an oxford and top it off with a sports jacket- however you style it, fabrics and textures are the key to rocking this look. Take a quirky twist with an anchor motif or one of JVDF’s tie bracelets

    Try Le Gramme’s Le 7 Matte Sterling Silver Cuff, $272
    Le Gramme’s Le 7 Matte Sterling Silver Cuff, $272
    $8650 for yellow gold, $9250 for white gold at Cartier
    $8650 for yellow gold, $9250 for white gold at Cartier
    Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather and Silver Bracelet, $475
    Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather and Silver Bracelet, $475
    Tod’s Woven Leather Wrap Bracelet, $275
    Luis Morais White Gold Trikona and Glass Beaded Bracelet, approx. $518
    Caputo & Co. Hand Knotted Triangle Bracelet, approx. $60.26
    Miansai Rope and Gold- Plated Anchor Bracelet, $82.79
    Miansai Rope and Gold- Plated Anchor Bracelet, $82.79

    JVDF Camouflage Tie Wrap Bracelet
    JVDF Camouflage Tie Wrap Bracelet

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    1st September 2015
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