Like many girls the one thing I guarantee as part of my wake- up routine is to 'put on the brows'. In fact it is so essential I barely consider it makeup, it is as important as washing my face and brushing my teeth. There are three main ways to do this, using powder or eyeshadow to fill in the gaps between the hairs, pen to create hair- like strokes which creates a more natural, fuller looking brow, or to use eyebrow mascara/gel. Unlike the first two, eyebrow mascara is usually tinted and tidies up the hairs so that it looks subtly darker. It is the most natural looking option. I changed my eyebrows THREE times today to show you the differences, close- up and with a selfie so that you can see how it can alter your make-up look. Click on the descriptions for product links!

 photo IMG_6372_zpsbec26594.jpg

 photo IMG_6360_zps6859b4ec.jpg


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