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Like most restaurants in the Cove, there is a little bit of logistics planning that goes into the dining experience. Saint Pierre on the whole was worth it but was a slightly odd experience. What I mean by this is that it serves 'fine dining' food yet the dress code is casual and it is extremely family friendly. Not quite the place for a romantic date. The staff however, were attentive, polite and well trained and reasonably flexible with preference requests regarding the tasting menu.

The food was good but fell short of the standard that a similar restaurant in London would hold. The courses were confused, serving various cuisines with differing quality. The classic menu began with smoked salmon as an amuse bouche that was much more like a canape. The following course of foie gras terrine surpassed expectations and was aesthetically 'pretty'.
The Japanese addition of white miso cod had flavour in all its components but the fish itself, although it must be noted that its flesh was soft and cooked perfectly well. Finally the pork which was a substitute for the beef that was sold out that night; the meat was soft and fell apart easily and the trail of pureed mash was incredibly smooth. The foam was redundant beside such heavy items as the pork and purple carrot and it easily disintegrated with little taste. Again the dessert was an alternative to the usual chocolate cake on offer. The meringue that was paired with the summer berries and yogurt was delightfully reminiscent of fruit loops, in a positive way!
Overall Saint Pierre was a lovely dinner with a chill environment where my iphone pictures were quite welcome.

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