I've been living in London for 18 years and coming back for my graduation I am reminded how much I love this city and all my special people in it. I am officially moving to Singapore! For me it means a new job and getting used to a country with an eternal summer and missing copious layering. For this blog it is a change of scenery from neoclassical backdrops to colonial townhouses and mirrored skyscrapers. These are the pictures I took during my last week here, if you've been following @thehauteheel on Instagram you may have already guessed the big change!

 photo IMG_3755_zps0a3caaf0.jpg

 photo IMG_3741_zps893f8a6e.jpg

 photo IMG_3728_zps1bab9b17.jpg

 photo IMG_3774_zpsc08ae1cf.jpg

 photo IMG_3829_zps4fd138c5.jpg

 photo IMG_3799_zps5a7dc9d2.jpg

 photo IMG_3812_zpsf518575a.jpg

 photo IMG_3863_zps343f5159.jpg

 photo IMG_3883_zps5288f8af.jpg

 photo IMG_3885_zps2b8b4437.jpg

 photo IMG_3900_zps2f392dfd.jpg

 photo IMG_3889_zps66f42e8e.jpg

Photos taken with Holga Lens case for iPhone 5 available -HERE-


Super excited to have done my first beauty and skincare interview (because anyone that knows me will realise I've only just started using a hairdryer!) Read about my obsession with Instagram, why water is my favourite beauty bargain and what inspires my morning routine.

Click on the image to for more, it's a link to the full article.

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