One of my favourite places for every season in London is Tom's Kitchen. Being back for a brief time this summer makes the perfect excuse to graze at old haunts. Brunch was taken at the Deli because of the early hour (thank you jet lag) but there are no complaints to be voiced whilst eating healthy salad with a view of Somerset House.

This is what I'd wear all the time for the last year and a half, and I have actually posted a really similar look -here.- I've also found that different cities are better fitted to certain styles and whilst in London my bowties will come out!

 photo IMG_3701_zps4439e954.jpg

 photo IMG_3695_zps080dddfe.jpg

 photo IMG_3692_zps3b94085a.jpg



 photo IMG_1833_zps282a6b8f.jpg

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 photo IMG_1849_zps5fd7ba2d.jpg

The Grill at The Dorchester

53 Park Lane

This is a long- awaited post on my side and after all this time I still feel that this restaurant, the waiters, presentation and food is deserved to be spoken about.

One thing that definitely struck me about The Grill was the plentiful portion size. In a 'traditional' setting and with Alain Ducasse as a neighbour, I expected this restaurant to serve delicate slithers on artisanal sauce- splattered plates. Although I was right about the last anticipation, the food was comforting and definitely a place you could dine with a man and not suffer the wrath of his hunger post- meal.


This is definitely one of my favourite outfits I have ever shot. Practically all- white and feathers, it is my ideal combination. As someone who hates carrying bags my lovely photographer Mary, (who has blogged about this great restaurant -here-) along her new Celine for this shoot. Finally I get to show you my new boots that I am completely in love with! They are so sharp and modern yet they are not exactly 'minimalist'. I have noticed that whilst I am still on an obsessive black-white-and-grey streak, I can't bear to part with my love of bold, sparkly earrings. I think it's important not to completely blanche your old style when your taste is in transition because nothing evolves without a past.

 photo wb3_zpsedc3998f.jpg

 photo wb2_zpsd4c0e75f.jpg

 photo wb7_zps77fc793b.jpg

 photo wb4_zps86d238b8.jpg

 photo wb1_zpse84ee7ad.jpg

 photo wb5_zps512b62f5.jpg

These photos were shot by Mary from (click here) Cafe Creatures at P.S Cafe in Dempsey, Singapore. Check out her blog if you're looking for amazing eats and you're a foodie like us!



The only thing to wear for what is arguably the best meal of the day, are classic, simple looks that set you up for the day ahead. I have always underestimated the power of the basic t-shirt but since this purchase from Club Monaco I love them! I swapped from super comfortable embellished sandals to my Ralph Lauren heels for a casual to a going- out look. With just a pair of beautiful statement earrings from Alexis Bittar to accessorise my simple outfit, I finally got to try out Maison Ikkoku in Bugis, Singapore.

 photo IMG_6126CR2_zpsdf9ae594.jpg

 photo IMG_6127CR2_zpse160debb.jpg
 photo IMG_6128CR2_zps53c77e4e.jpg

 photo IMG_6143CR2_zps8c0b6285.jpg

 photo IMG_6149CR2_zpsfa7254a1.jpg

 photo IMG_6133CR2_zps5fc3dddd.jpg

 photo IMG_6135CR2_zps6b6422f4.jpg

 photo IMG_6136CR2_zps2dc199c8.jpg

With so many eateries and cafes orbiting around the food blog and Instagram spheres, I was really happy with Maison Ikkoku. The service was efficient despite the busy lunch crowd and although I shy away from bread, the sandwiches were really good. The buns were not quite brioche but had the slightest sweetness to it. The coffee is artisanal but as I am so used to commercial beans I opted for something standard, an iced Cafe Mocha which was also very well done. It is quite hard to find quality, casual European menus in Singapore but this has gone down as one of my favourite places!
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