Just a simple black dress with an open back, totally necessary for a city that rarely simmers below 30 degrees. Jasmine How took these really rare smiley photos of me on a bridge near Raffles City.

 photo AndreaCheong-Shoot1-004_zpsdbaf9dca.jpg

 photo AndreaCheong-Shoot1-005_zpsb31024d2.jpg

 photo AndreaCheong-Shoot1-007_zps055d3ed3.jpg

 photo AndreaCheong-Shoot1-011_zps9f5c3651.jpg

 photo AndreaCheong-Shoot1-019_zpsb9ac42ab.jpg


This red dress has been hanging in between sheaths of black, white and grey in assorted textiles. Every time I open my wardrobe the flash of red prompts me to find an occasion to wear it. It reminds me of a prom dress and it is exactly the thing I would have worn to death as a teenager obsessed with anything oozing girliness. This dress is an oestrogen magnet. Finding these mickey- mouse glasses I knew I had finally found the accessory to complete it, I wanted to inject some humour into its demure length and structured bodice. My shoes were signed by two of my best friends before I left London, they read 'Tread Carefully' and 'Don't Chest Slam Anyone' (private joke) ;) . These photos were taken by the super talented Jasmine at The Fullerton Hotel. There is something pensive about the amber light in that space, like it was pregnant with anticipation, glowing patiently for something exciting to happen.

 photo AndreaCheong-Shoot1-023_zps04aff462.jpg

 photo AndreaCheong-Shoot1-022_zpsb3b62d1c.jpg

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Whenever I am in London for the summer I love spending the languishing hours of daylight in South Kensington. It is much quieter than the swarms of tourists in Knightsbridge and boasts a quainter, more cultural side compared to the commercial King's Road. This time I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon tux shopping and wine tasting with a close friend of mine. During the day we made several food stops, one was a sweet little gelato shop by the Chelsea Farmer's Market and the other, a speakeasy located in a private service apartment. Day to night, an ice cream bar to a secret watering hole disguised as a tattoo and piercings parlour, only accessible by postcode or exclusive reservation.

 photo IMG_1670_zps29b78753.jpg

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 photo IMG_1681_zpsf6888c68.jpg

 photo IMG_1682_zpsd22e527c.jpg

 photo IMG_1662_zpsb02df859.jpg

The dimness of the speakeasy comes with a light- hearted atmosphere. Despite its existence shrouded in esoteric secrecy, there is an ease, familiarity even a colloquial attitude once within its pop- art plastered walls. Usually packed with the residents of Sloane Avenue and regulars to the Royal Borough, it was pleasantly peaceful when we arrived. The bar serves as a small sanctuary away from the craze of the surrounding shopping areas. Here service is swift, amicable and cooperative. Bart's serves cocktail classics as well as summer concoctions such as the sweet and breezy watermelon martini pictured above. The menu, embedded on the pages of classic novels are an expected yet interesting touch to the bar.

Beside Bart's is the restaurant Sushi des Artistes, an aesthetically bombastic Japanese fusion restaurant. My friends and I had always intended to enter its bold striped front for their artisanal dishes, but it was eventually becoming one of those places slipping down our list of go-to restaurants. As a great surprise the bar menu at Bart's works with the kitchen at Sushi des Artiste to provide their light meals and snacks. I ordered the Shrimp Tempura Bun which consisted of fried onions and thick, juicy prawns in a light batter with sufficient crunch. Enveloping this was a perfectly steamed, soft 'bao'. Bart's is a highly recommended place for a late afternoon to early evening retreat from shopping or a place to catch up over a pretty drink.

Chelsea Cloisters
87 Sloane Avenue


Being in a tropical country it makes sense to wear a lot of colour but the cityscape provides the hues of the blue harbour and the emerald palms so that I can follow my obsession of wearing mostly grey, white and black. It has been raining so much, summer in the southern hemisphere means monsoon season so my rubber accessories have been quite practical as well as aesthetically different to my usual style. My friend Nikki took these photos at her apartment where the summer before last one of my most exciting shoots had taken place ('Fairytale' post). We love this new camera so much and the foliage around her home was perfect for this shoot.

 photo _K5C5982_zpse2f8530d.jpg

 photo _K5C5969_zps24c5b168.jpg

 photo _K5C5980_zps3620e148.jpg

 photo _K5C5971_zps73fe5d5a.jpg

 photo _K5C5964_zps4efff374.jpg



I am finally in Singapore! The heat has finally given me a chance to wear the summery things I had bought in London a few weeks ago. The fishnet vest was an impulse purchase for an upcoming 'Spring Breakers' party that I ended up missing but has come in useful when paired with my leather bralette. The Zara skirt is so easy to wear and has such an interesting structure it's no surprise it has been featured on almost every other blog. I kept the accessories simple to complement the tribal sandals, one of most favourite recent purchases. The statement earrings bring this look that is quite unusual for me, back to my style.

 photo IMG_6119CR2_zpsd7e8fffd.jpg
 photo IMG_6109CR2_zps3bd15512.jpg
 photo IMG_6113CR2_zpse75b686e.jpg
 photo IMG_6124CR2_zps11b7a975.jpg
 photo IMG_6123CR2_zpsf67c6fb7.jpg
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