Sometimes you find the best things in life are the ones you weren't looking for. In terms of my wardrobe, this dress is the perfect example. As someone who regularly gets teased about how often I hack inches away from hems, it is rare to find a maxi dress that is the perfect length with a balance of 'pretty' and 'classic'. I think a full length black dress can be a lot more feminine than the LBD. This one looks a little like both a Valentino and Dior dress I've seen before. It's an amazing find that I picked it up at a small shop in the middle of Orchard Road.

 photo aug10_zps3678c9b0.jpg

 photo aug6_zps79b3cbf8.jpg

 photo aug2_zps02d207d0.jpg

 photo aug7_zpsc2803a09.jpg

 photo aug4_zps1344f011.jpg

These photos were shot by Mary from Cafe Creatures at P.S Cafe in Dempsey, Singapore. Check out her blog if you're looking for amazing eats and you're a foodie like us!


  1. Beautiful gown against the tropical backdrop! It is quite Valentino and Dior. I wish the Bay Area here was a lot more classic so I could get away with more black lace like this :) But to your point in your previous post, each place has its own style. Whenever I pack for Asia, it is a lot more like my NYC wardrobe than the CA one! - J xx

  2. what a lovely dress, you look amazing!


  3. such a lovely ladylike dress!


  4. This dress just looks perfect on you! I'm still looking like something like this!
    With love,


  5. Such a glamorous look! It's classy and feminine with a hint of mystery and drama.

    ♥ Duckie.

  6. You look gorgeous!!



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