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Blogging, studying and working in London has meant that a lot of my blogger friends are involved in the elusive world of art and fashion. Whilst some are making the transition from hobby blog to professional, others see it as a way- in to the fashion industry. I had a chat with Magda from Moda- de- Londres about her extensive fashion CV, with impressive internships at Burberry, Diane von Furtensburg and Mawi.

A: What will you be wearing this summer?

M: LOTS of whites!! T-shirts, dresses, shirts etc. I've got a slight obsession with the colour white. It just makes an outfit look clean and crisp.  A pair of printed trousers with a casual scoop neck tee, a bright blazer and some killer statement necklace. And don't forget to finish off the look with some cute sandals (for the day) or killer stilettos (in the evening)

A: Favourite places to shop?

M: The regular generic stores however, I am careful on what I buy to avoid wearing the same pieces that every Tom, Dick & Harry would buy. Zara, Asos, Reiss and Mango. Anywhere I can find a good piece of statement accessory that barely anyone has. 

A: How do you dress for London's unpredictable weather?

M: I try not to think about what I am wearing too much. Now that we are in a warmer season, I tend to incorporate blazers in most of my outfits.

A: Who would you most like to work for (and which department)?

M: I would love to work freelance as a stylist, not for any particular brand or person. So that way, I will have the ability to work on several projects.

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A: What would you recommend wearing to a fashion interview?

M: When it comes to fashion interviews there isn't a wrong or right way to dress. Just make sure you convey your personal style. However, don't go over the top with it... remember it's still an interview.

A: With the experience you have now in Fashion PR, what advice would you give for people starting out?

M: For anyone who is already studying a fashion related course, I'd advise you to intern as much as you can before you graduate. That way, when you are done with studying, you won't be obliged to gain anymore experience and you would have a head start amongst your mates. For those contemplating taking up a fashion degree (Fashion PR, Marketing etc), I would say don't bother. You can gain experience from interning and work your up by building contacts. Fashion is about networking and about who you know. I never learnt anything at uni.

A: Do you think a degree in a fashion- related subject is important to landing a job?

M: No not at all. Lots of people in the industry didn't study fashion related courses. Its all about experience. Once you land your first fashion internship, you are on your way.

A: What 3 skills do you think you need to survive in the industry?

M: PATIENCE= because you will hear NO a trillion times. I applied to Burberry over twenty times just for an internship before they finally got back to me.

Interpersonal skills- You must be able to speak to people/ be friendly in an intellectual manner, (although majority of them won't speak to you as an intern) but who cares?

Great writing skills- They usually don't expect students to have impeccable writing skills. Blow their socks off with your cover letter & CV. Write like a professional. Go over your CV & CL  again and again. Start with sending them to small fashion houses or magazines (depending on what sector of fashion you'd like an internship). See how they respond, then tweak it. My very first cover letter was sent to Harper's Bazaar. This was when I had just quit engineering at uni (I had no clue about fashion). The lady emailed me back and literally dissed my writing skills LOL.

A: What do you think is the most common misconception about the fashion industry?

M: That it's glamorous- absolutely not. We lift boxes, we steam, we do all the domestic stuff you can ever imagine. Plus not all the press offices are amazing or tidy.

A: What do you think is unique to the London fashion scene?

M: I think with the London fashion scene, you can literally have your own style without following a specific trend. You don't need to be covered in expensive clothes.

A: Who is the most interesting person that you have met in the business?

M: My former boss at Burberry. I wasn't treated like just another intern. He'd actually speak to me to find out how I was getting on. It was refreshing to know that I wasn't just filling up space .

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