Styling Challenge: The Converse All Star!

    When I told the sales assistant at the Converse store that this was my first ever pair, she was nearly as shocked as when I told her there was no way the adult shoes would fit me and that I had to try on the kid’s ones, (I got the kid’s ones). But this made me wonder, why had I been resisting them for so long? It may have something to do with everyone also owning a pair and that I didn’t even own trainers so why Converse. However, when I thought of all the possibilities of what to wear with Converse shoes, I wanted to step up to the challenge and remove all associations I had with pre-teen skaters and canvas shoes.

    converseshoot 3


    I played up the tennis shoe aesthetic of my Converse, adding cute sheer socks to draw attention to them. Choosing similar colours here is key, so keep to white or cream trainers and go for white socks or if you’re feeling a little edgier, sheer nude ones. Adding a polo shirt and accessorising with an undone bowtie gave it a stylised look that is also unexpected. Pairing it with the sequin skirt made the outfit look a lot more like a fashion statement and less like I actually did just walk off the court. This preppy look gave these shoes a more grown up feel and is something formal enough to wear out to dinner, perhaps minus the bowtie.

    When it comes to what to wear with Converse, people may claim that it goes with everything but finding a way to integrate such a universal style into your own is a lot harder and its where the style challenge lies!

    converseshoot 4
    converseshoot 6

    converseshoot 5


    Brooks Brothers cable knit cardigan | Moncler polo shirt | Ralph Lauren bow tie | Burberry belt | Zara sequin skirt | Hermes bangle | Dior ring | Kate Spade socks | Converse shoes

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