Then: This is the most inviting place on my walk home from Oxford Street, it’s always glowing with soft amber light as if there’s a permanent fire going inside. And from the queues on the weekend, it’s one of the hottest unspoken places in the West End for a weekend brunch. Despite the temperamental attitudes of the staff, I always look forward to a meal here, whatever time of the day the food and drink offerings are always interesting and enticing. Here I’m weaaring an American Apparel leotard (update: omg they are so dead now, how long ago was this!?) with my favourite jacket thrown over my shoulders and my latest beauty crush that are burnt orange nails I spent post-lecture hours here.



    Now: This restaurant was known to specialise in quirky twists on classics like lobster mac and cheese and peanut butter and jam milkshakes, which kind of made up for their gross lack of politeness if you failed to reserve a table. Now, with even worse service but just as wonderful ambience (that was not meant sarcastically, they really do have a good atmosphere going), Riding House Cafe has revised their menu. Whilst not quite as exciting, the restaurant maintains their quality and it’s evident by their packed dining room, especially during the weekend brunch hour that they are in no shortage of fans.

    They’ve upgraded the macaroni to a lobster lasagne (£27) and added the coveted crustacean to an eggs Benedict dish (£17.50), featured ‘stylish’ plates with the likes of superfood salads and universally appealing burgers that’s a sure crowd pleaser. Perhaps its their ability to keep up with the ever evolving fashionable crowd that makes them a firm staple in everyone’s little black book. With their new venue, Rail House Cafe in Victoria, they’re set for growth and hopefully more confidence to bring back their retro-inspired, cooler menu from the past.




    Riding House Cafe

    43-51 Great Titchfield Street

    W1W 7PQ

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