If you look at the images in this post, I get that you may experience a slight sense of panic when you see that it’s about how to curate your wardrobe – but don’t fear. I’m one of those weirdos that even six years on from updating this article (this was first published in 2011 omg!) I still like to purge my wardrobe. And let’s face it, as a blogger we get a lot of gifted, loaned or sponsored clothing. While some of us like to offload our stock via Depop, I’ve never found those kind of second-hand apps effective. The day I do, you can bet I’ll be selling like a maniac because I’m constantly trying to curate my close to be the perfect go-to selection.
    So you all know the classic must-haves: the blazer, skinny jeans, white t-shirts etc. You can even Google it, you don’t need me. But when it comes to curating a wardrobe to retain those special pieces that still speak to your personal style, without diluting it with tons of neutral basics that make you yawn – I think I can help you.
    Even looking back at these photos taken more than half a decade ago (I feel so old literally, just writing that I think a wrinkle cropped up), I still own all of these pieces and wear them occasionally. So let me tell you the secret…

    1. There are some things that will always be ‘you’

    For me this is anything sparkly, sheer and what normal girls wouldn’t dare to wear on a casually.  What makes your style unique and what are you continuously drawn to? We all know fashion is cyclical, so the the things worth hanging onto in your wardrobe are the pieces you haven’t seen anywhere else. If the high-street stores aren’t selling it on repeat and you’re still in love with that article aesthetically, keep it.



    2. Forgive the fit

    This may be a bit controversial, because based on a lot of articles I’ve read in the past, they claim that hanging onto old sizes of dresses and jeans will just make you feel worse about yourself. Not true. Our bodies change so much over one month, one year, three to five years. What may not fit for six months may look incredible in a year’s time. And think about how much effort it took to find that perfect length of a sequin skirt (okay, just me?) but seriously – don’t let your self-confidence issues get in the way of a future-proofed wardrobe. I currently am dealing with a situation (can we note that this update was on September 2017) where none of my high waisted denim shorts close comfortably and it kills me inside. Of course it makes me feel awful! But you know what, it’s beautiful what our bodies can cope with, so don’t punish yourself with limiting what kind of clothes you can wear.


    3. Clothes may be on trend but accessories are forever

    I get the whole jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing something from the high street that’s incredibly seasonal and on-trend. I get it, no judgement here. However, when it comes to accessories, these are something with the ability to last longer and be worn a lot more often than any other item of clothing, bar maybe denim, so investment is key. But it doesn’t even need to be expensive. I remember picking up these ‘classic’ Mary Jane platform heels on a bored lunch break after school from Forever 21. And just two seasons ago, Saint Laurent featured a similar style on the runway, which means that in a normal people time frame they’re still relevant.


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