Boys on NYFW

    I think everyone’s had this reaction to Fashion Week collections at least once before and it’s basically, ‘what the fuck’. Sometimes looks are beautiful, moving and radical but then there are also moments when you think, was everyone drunk? I picked some looks from the Spring Summer 2012 shows from New York Fashion Week that I thought really stood out from their collection and quizzed two of the most fashionable guys to find out what men think of runway fashion. Spoiler alert: they have a lot of opinions.

    The panel

    How would you describe your style?

    ALEX: In general, I wear American or Japanese streetwear. Italian shoes, British suits and bespoke shirts. For something to catch my eye, it has to have a single unique and striking quality about it.

    KRISTOFF: Preppy casual.

    (Left image – header)

    A: It’s a lot of fun. It’s art, and in that regard, it’s quite well done. In particular, I like the trim;  looks like surf on a beach. It’s so brazen that it’s a lot more palatable than some other catwalk fashion that masquerades as street fashion. Clearly, this is not the kind of garment you can wear out to dinner.

    K: I’m not sold. Perhaps the top half could fly on it’s own – the bottom of the dress is horrid. It looks like dirty tissues have collected at her feet and she’s dragging them with her.

    (Right image – header)

    A: It’s wonderful, and would actually be quite versatile. The gut reaction is that it is a catwalk-only piece because of the transparency, but upon closer inspection it is tastefully teasing, and almost conservative.

    K: I can’t quite make up my mind about this one. I like the overall shape of the dress, but the actual figure of the dress/model is completely lost by the odd splattered black all over it. It seems there is too much going on.

    A: I very much like the Sachin and Bibi stuff


     (Left image)

    K: Love love love. I like the lion-tamer shape on the outfit. Really don’t think [the look] needs the train, it’s not a dress, so stop trying to give it that silhouette. Also not too keen on the sleeves.

    A: A little too avant garde for normal streetwear. If anyone wore that outside of the catwalk I would be worried for their mental health. Although, if we are talking clockwork orange, a cane would make a perfect accessory.

    (Right image)

    K: I really love the sheer material of the trousers – so elegant it hurts. But this is ruined by the vomit on her torso, the texture is ridiculous.


    (Left image)

    A: This lacks an ‘anchor’ and looks kind of ridiculous, although the print itself is quite beautiful.

    K: Very intrigued by the slinky material of the undershirt, but any attempt at sexy is most definitely ruined with this body-concealing pyjama suit.

    (Right image)
    A: Wonderful. I love it. It’s fanciful but the skirt is a great juxtaposition.

    K: No idea what is going on here. I can kind of grasp the concept of the thigh-hugging denim skirt, but the actual denim is so soccer-mom, which when coupled with the 70’s throwback strap sandals is a total mess. Not much keener on the upper half. Waste of fabric.


    (Left image)

    K: Not very keen on this one, the shorts may have worked if they’d been left as fitted trousers, but really hating the whole dipped cut across the knee – something is going wrong, wrong, wrong.

    A: This doesn’t really do it for me. It’s hard to articulate. Amongst a few things, the silhouette of the head wrap is a bit awkward and there is a white clash between the top and bottom.

    (Right image)

    K: I get a good feeling from the shape of the corset but it’s without doubt completely spoiled by the 90’s biker material. Really hating the flowery leggings, a bit camper van trip to Las Vegas….. not helped by the shoes…. remind me of cheap garden furniture.

    A: You could get away with it at some of the more fashion forward clubs. It could be a very good filter, because only like minded people worth your time will approach you.



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