Sorry guys, no thought pieces on the nascence of the blogging industry here. Just some pretty photos taken by my new obsession, the photographer Anastajia, one of the few people I’d actually wake up in the morning to meet. All the good stuff is in the video above anyway but if you really want to read something, may I suggest my first ever skincare video post (that got like over 3k views organically, like how?!). I don’t know, maybe you can watch and tell me.¬†

Also, a special note to Google’s SEO – sorry about the lack of searchable keywords in this post but here’s something to help you out: the point of this is to embed the video which is a review of Rodial skincare. I loved all of it.
Rodial skincare moisturiser post Rodial skincare moisturiser post

Na-kd fashion top

Farfetch YSL bag

Shashi jewellery